Slow attacks and such


Anyone else experiencing during stages when not using the auto feature, toons hitting really slowly as if it’s slow motion or slowed down?


Yes. Thought it was just my imagination because im used to see it x3 now. But you’re right, it was really slow.


It was but this doesn’t seem normal for me as they’re hitting slower than before the speed increase


Hmm…thought it was my imagination at first too but I noticed as well. I wonder if a dev decided that 3x the “previous” battle speed was somehow “too fast” and caused issues with certain mechanics so they had to slow down the 1x starting speed. Just a thought, maybe a dev will chime in to confirm.


Same as above users…wondering if because we been watching the 3x speed our brain sees the normal speed as super slow now? Kinda of the reverse of that old saying “you can’t miss what you never had”. I.e., snce we now have fast speed normal speed seems slower. When we didn’t have fast speed we had nothing to say regular speed was slower than…

But it does seem painfully slow to me also, slower than before.


I think the normal speed is definitely slower than before.