Slight raid change

Maybe add a diagram of teams into the corners. Representing all 5 characters of either team. Nothing fancy, just some dots would do. These dots would change color whenever they are attacked by something (ex. Andrea leader gets stunned so middle dot turns from white to yellow) .

Possible colors:
White: normal (no buffs or debuffs)
Yellow: impaired
Orange: stunned
Blue: bonus hp
Green: buffed
Red: debuffed
Red aura: bleed
Orange aura: burn
Green aura: hp regain (heal over time)
Yellow aura: confused
Blue aura: focus
Decapitated: blacked out

Any other statuses I forgot I apologize.

Reason for idea: I just can’t ever see the decapitate icon because it’s hidden behind my characters.

I have had a similar problem. Shiva hiding on the backrow, and I forget she’s there. Something could be done to make some things for visible


Yeah shiva does hide and back in the day Sophia and clementine could hide behind some characters too. Maybe this could be a new strategy lmao hide ur toons and hope they are forgotten

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I used to try and hide Duane behind someone big hoping people wouldn’t notice him until he rushed :joy:

I thought that was what a number of players were already doing. However, the rather obvious empty space just makes me look harder, and there it is, Shiva’s backside!