Slight player fix for territory crash bug (maybe)

Tested this over the last 3-4 days plus 2 extra cans. That’s not a huge sample size and may just be coincidence. This also didn’t always work but saw a significant decrease in crashes…

My territories have been crashing a noticeable amount more than normal recently, even after a reasonable amount of game time occurring since log on. Obviously people have noticed that poorer signal increases the likely hood of crashes, but all of this was with a reasonably good signal (for China).
Its quite simple really, if your raid shield is up, you are far more likely to experience territory crashes, according to my experiences of the last 4 days. Today for example, it crashed 6 out of 7 times for me whilst my shield was up, I did all of the normal things to counter it between various crashes, such as running a road map, pulling a token etc. Still crashed. As soon as I raided to turn off my shield, it then only crashed once out of the next 9 battles (so not fool proof). This equates exactly with what happened over the previous 3 days of trying this out.

As I said above, its a small sample size and could just be a big coincidence, but it’s worth trying out and seeing if it makes a difference for you.

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