Slave to the Grind

Thinking Scopely needs to add way more wrinkled shirts and gloves to the drop rates. Also with the constant barrage of road maps we need those survivor drops kicked up a few notches imo. I find myself constantly farming world 7 for gear even though I want to farm higher for more lucrative drops. Why can’t ya’ll add more shirts n gloves to the upper worlds? Think it would help with player satisfaction to get 10+ shirts along with a desert eagle! Take in to account the massive overload of level up tournies, roadmaps, and drop in player participation? This could be a easy fix to increase player morale. @kalishane


You can buy them from slut to slut for 75 gold I guess

When its available I do

Daily maps.

Daily maps are an option. But you get 2 to 4 survivors for your 3 to 5 glove/ shirt combo. That’s not helping. Need 10 to 15 survivors and 10 to 20 shirt/glove combo imo.

I’ve noticed a sharp decline in survivors dropped 23.7 and 23.8 since yesterday. Any1 else having same issue?

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