Slater and Princess

Slater looks good but ffs stop with this bleed everywhere Scopely :man_facepalming:t2:

Maybe the first command Sclass? Or do we reckon he’ll be kept at 6 star?

I dont know, they just appeard in my ascend tower :man_shrugging:t2:

Aye same here. I’m intrigued

Looks like another Mia with a bit of an extra little boost being a command.

This thing popped up in my tower


And another p2p…lmao.

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this would be awesome if its the christmas event… but ffs can we please have trainers in a box?

bleed teams are great

Slater is 6star i think

Princess is in a Christmas attire, so I guess she will be involved in some event or some shit like that…

I only pray she has atleast 100% attack on her AR and not b like that anniversary toon

That Princess Roster Picture looks like an Elf. I mean seriously. (Or she has the Wario/Waluigi Ear Syndrome)

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I’m liking that LMG

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you can replace zander with slater :wink: but yep indeed bleed toons are boring :sob:

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You need to buy him first :stuck_out_tongue: doubt he will be ftp

That is also my opinion. They made Princess look like shit in there. And that stylish Princess we know and loved became a bland style of Princess for me.

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1st pull gotelevated to £19 and 3rd was elevated to £40-ish…money grabbing for Xmas…

She will, but it will be RNG. 99% chance to deal 1000% attack to her own team, 1% chance to deal 101% damage to one enemy, those protected by guardian shield will be prioritized.

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