Skybound insider


How do I become a skybound insider so I can get the new Rick?


Never mind, I figured it out


Did you get the Rick?


I’m assuming that if you’re already a long time member, you wont be able to get him?



Did you get the 5* version because im a skybound member for along time when i frist started i got the skybound tyreese but idk how i get the 5* version yet i have the 4* version from the roadmap


I didn’t get him yet. I went to sign up but it said I was already a member. I had enough points to clam a comic book so that’s cool


Hope they don’t screw this up, everyone that has signed up or does sign up should get the Rick.

It’s Scopely though so it’s a wait and see kind of thing…


Mind sharing the process for those who haven’t?


So… What Code?




I signed up for this a while ago, still no Epic Rick :confused:


I asked support if I still get him even tho I’m already signed up and now I’m just waiting to hear back


Please let us know the response , I signed up ages ago would be interesting to know their feedback


this is what support said. Very helpful :confused:


I emailed them and they literally didn’t give me a straight answer.


Not surprised.

The customer support for Scopely is literally a copy and paste bot, it seeks key words from queries and blurts out a canned response.

I am amazed at the variety of names it signs replies with though.


True, it told me to come to the forums for more information lol. I started here.


Right, and we’re all hear saying ask support lol! I guess it’s a wait and see what happens kinda thing


You can buy him and another rick with negan outfit