Skull tokens for coins ruining game for a bit

You dream small bro

I mean I wanna do 5 40 pulls making it 200. But I dont wanna get rollbacked.

It’s too late for a rollback now :joy:

Well is it even worth it? I wanna do it but its not worth it

Yeah it was totally worth it insane amounts of coins

Put it this way I will never need to buy anything ever again on this game and should have every promo for the next two years

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Are young sure your math is right on that? 2 promos a months * 2 years * 32,000 average coins need to get a promo = 1,574,400 coins. You really got that much or just exaggerating for effect?

You would have had to have gotten the top coin pull of 16,000 coins about 98 times. With about 4 coin wheel pulls per region that means you had to hit the 16k jackpot every time (for all 4 pulls) in 24 regions.

Well… Idk

More like entire game ruining game for a bit.

100 regions bruh

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Lol JoJo if only half of it was true. Ya I know you newberry. I did leave that region cause it was dead. Went to new region that’s 10 times more active. Yes I did make a mini back in newberry and I did say I wanted to come back. But not cause the new region was dead because everyone I knew pretty much left. And plus charmer was coming back.

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