Skull tokens for coins ruining game for a bit

So now people are blowing regions up for invites to get skull tokens for coins. How many want to quit. Can’t even talk in global chat

Finally got some action in global chat. Been silent for too long :slight_smile:


Well done Jackass… well done :roll_eyes:


Who tf actually takes gc seriously?


Scopely has to cater to all players now. Spent money on sculls and now can’t use them. Revolt

Fitting name js :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just NO…

I can’t talk about my day full of nothing in gc guys

Is this post for real lol

So players are leaving because they cant follow global chat?

Must be the amazing chat features.


I got a 3 day ban for talking about eating ass :joy::joy: can’t imagine the pulsating finger tips these reporting sensitive bastards are having after this skull token bs :joy:


You all take this crap to seriously play the game quit looking for handouts. Lazy all you guys are

Always looking for easy way out of everything. You guys are the one who get people banned 100%

You guys defiantly the ones always looking for easy way out. Reporting people to gain an inch 100%

my friend you are out of line here no one has reported that post you made it is auto hidden because you had used the b word that ends in anned :upside_down_face: and saying complaints of global chat is just always going to be silly nonsense


Kookland speaks the truth…word!


But there you go trying to act like you know what I meant. I wasn’t saying they got my post flagged. I’m saying they are the type of people that get people b in the game like In chat

I wasn’t talking about here I’m talking about global

He was genuinely on gc in an old region I pop into from time to time complaining he’d have to stop using gc cos he kept getting banned. Then he switched regions and put an alt in his old region complaining in gc the new one was dead too and was thinking of quitting cos it was boring.

So. In answer to your question. Yes. Global chat is the most serious consideration for some (at least one) players.

I wish I was in skullgate. I could of at least had a few coins to stash up and do a 40 pull. But eh. Better than losing it all.