Skull tokens - coing wheel & event mission

I hear about Skull tokens bug (bugs everywhere). They changed it from 0/1 per pull to 0/1000 per pull. When it will be fixed to 0/1 pull, or maybe it isn’t?

Is Event Mission “Getting started” bugged? Because my friend wanted to claim Aden and then game crashed and restared. Only claimg Ulysess didn’t kick him.

Skull tokens wheel will be reverted back to 1 when they’ve plugged the exploit. I don’t have a timeframe on that but expect additional communication to come out today or tomorrow.

The Aden/Ulysses event mission is bugged. Devs are aware, and they’re working on a fix. I don’t have any information on a timeframe for the fix, and I believe their focus has recently changed to more urgent fixes. In the meanwhile, you can use the ‘claim all’ button to claim, or just hold off on claiming until they get the fix in place.


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