Skull Token Exploit

I’m so glad I wasn’t opportunistic! Got my free 100 coins… Totally fkn worth it. Thanks!!!

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Its not “luck” or “rng” lol


I was sceptical of this until after over 8 months of trying to make a stun gun, I made 2 at once, followed by an absolute defence weapon on my next craft. The chances of 3 in a row after 8 months of nothing? Extreme to say the least.

i think its probably the time + your acc code that is used or just the time

I’m not and im off vacay now, my point was … if im paying for raid refills in 2 different regions, as in im playing legit on both accounts, im paying coins for 2 regions the same as if im playing n 1 shouldnt i get tokens on both regions as normal, thats my point

take the coin exploit out even though its a games design fault, if im paying to play on both shouldnt i be able to get those tokens also for completing them milestones.

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