Skull token conspiracy theory!

Its conspiracy theory time! :hugs:

Now I’m sure everyone is aware of the skull tokens glitch. We have some trolls saying roll back, most people begging for the coins to not be rolled back, everyones on edge on whats going to happen to their coins… Now for the theory… What if this was done on purpose? “Opps we messed up and you guys got some extra coins, we will let you dirty opportunists keep your coins, check out this Deigo wheel, you should use all those coins you just got, oh darn, no Diego? Buy some coins and try again, keep surviving!” :thinking: I’d do it, ok you all can keep the coins but heres a wheel that is actually at a 0% chance to pull the promo, enjoy all those 4* or make rewards from events even more pathetic. Everyone thinks they pulled one over on scopely, i think its scopely pulling one on us, what do you think? Is this fake news? Is my theory truth? Comment below but make sure ya wear your tin foil hat so scopely cant read your mind bruhs!

TL;DR - Get a tin foil hat that allows you to read :man_shrugging:


Nothing that generates that much Ill will
in a player base could’ve been done deliberately if they want to keep the game going.

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I 1000% believe odds are being secretly adjusted to make up for their loss. No way to know, of course, but if this is the case I would not be the least bit shocked.


You may have won the battle opportunists, but Scopely will always win the war

- Original, unedited iteration of Skull token issue announcement. Probably.


This goes back to my “abusive relationship” that we are in with scopely. Ai, Negan, etc. People need to admit it has been a real crappy few months as of late even before the AI and Negan, then this happens and this can be the perfect chance for the “honeymoon phase” but in reality the odds have been changed and not displayed properly, everyone spends the coins they got and even some real money trying to pull Diego for example but dont get him, therefor scopely looks like the good guy for allowing people to keep their coins but make up money by changing the odds, of course this is just a crazy conspiracy theory as scopely would NEVER do something like that cause they have so much respect for their player base.


Ready Chief


JB liked my post, theory now confirmed… :open_mouth:


Pretty sure most pulled on tobin.

JB. Liked. My. Post. Theory. Now. Confirmed.


I did 4 big pulls for Diego. Got 4 Harpers and Guardian Rick. Fuck these odds

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You didnt have the correct tin foil hat on when you pulled bruh, scopely hacked your brain waves and made you pull harper


My theory:
Scopely is trying to kill the game with bugs and glitches but they cant since people still buying stuff and keep playing. The biggest villains in this story are players. xD Dont be a meanie and let them do this finally.


Shhh! That is the great conspiracy theory! The one that we shall not speak of! Not enough tin foil to shield from that


Lmao :joy::joy::joy:

I mean is it strange they have this event and then drop the Harper wheel right after the exploit :joy: seems like a setup

So you pulled 5 ascendables with free coins and you’re complaining. Entitled much?

Too many people pulled diego and many many tobins … So your theory is ridiculous

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What part of JB liking my post dont you understand?

Also people sound real dumb when they say scopley is trying shut game down… They’re building a new multi million office in LA … Lol yea let’s invest in all that and then shut down one of our most successful games … Maaan i dunno wtf yall be on sometimes

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^When people cant take a joke and are serious all the time :rofl:

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