Skipping WOC for regular CRW instead?

War of Champions pros/cons:

  • Pros: You get to see how big your digital d*ck is against 1170 other players.

  • Cons: Or see how small it is against 1170 other players.

  • Pros: JB Scopely confirmed rewards are the same rewards in regular CRW but 30% more (so if 1st place is 150 War tokens, you’ll be getting 195 instead) meaning you only have to buy 1 crate to get the full 200 tokens to pull more generation 1 dupes!

  • Cons: That’s assuming you get 1st out of 40 top factions, and if you finish 10th in WOC you get less rewards than you would finishing just 2nd in regular CRW.

  • Pros: Who cares about the cons? Being named one of the best in this game is such an honor that I have to participate no matter what they throw at me for the purposes of pride just like my in-game rep so that my faction’s name will live forever in this server!

  • Cons: Game is dying (see revenue thread). Sometime in the not too distant future WOC will just become a regular event just how like CRW started out every 2 months until it became every other week to bring more money in for Scopely.

  • Pros: I’m just a gamer so I enjoy dedicating my weekends playing all day everyday and coin on matches that will last the whole hour!

  • Cons: I’m not a millionaire and/or coin loader or hacker who have 560 rated weapons and my wife/husband/significant other might finally leave me.

Anything else…


Nope…you said it all…i think

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Our faction will be holding a vote. I already told my faction leader to find me a replacement since I’m not going to bother with it. Being named in the top 40 is good enough for me.

Not interested in being there just to feed the top factions like AP or whatever Notorious calls themselves now. I’m fine admitting that our faction can’t coin and war for 60 mins like they do.

Also there are hackers still in this tournament, even The Godfather of all hackers will be in it.

No thanks Scopely. Regular CRW for me.


If you don’t participate as a faction. And some of your best players are joining other factions to participate. Good chance you don’t see them coming back.

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I dont understand the aversion to WoC.
I love war, but generally we are matched against regions without much competition. 3-5 mins wars, on repeat for 3 days. Its still fun, because its war and I enjoy warring with my faction mates, but Im looking forward to a more balanced matchup. It won’t be easy like usual, but in my opinion that’s the allure. We’ll get absolutely stomped on by the top, but will have some great battles otherwise. No need to coin needlessly just for a “win”, unless a win is certain.
We haven’t been able to transfer since faction transfers because of cool-downs. WoC has so much promise, I really hope people give it a shot


You just making this up? Cause when the prizes are announced and if 40th is a great ascendable, I would join in a heartbeat and happily be a sacrifice to everyone.

If I was invited :frowning:

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Nope. Here you go!


Left out the plus unquie items part

Don’t get excited for a toon, it would light the rest of the world on fire. Clearly very apprehensive to ever give worthy rewards for war since the advent of 6*. Items are not characters.

I think it looks amazing and would definitely participate if I had the opportunity. Who cares abbot the prizes? Honestly, they are always garbage considering the amount of time we dedicate to the event. It’s the competition that makes gaming fun; that’s why we don’t put on God mode on games and just romp through


Seems some people didn’t read the guild lines. It is the roster that did the last CRW that qualifies. If someone leaves or quits then they can’t be replaced. So simply joining one of the factions that qualifies don’t get you a key to the table.


Morfeo must be Thanos :fist:

#WhaleHabitat #MobyDicksOnly

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The players in the factions that qualify will be given a key to transfer to the special region where they may organize themselves into any factions there.

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Surprised they aren’t selling keys for this region to those who didn’t wialify but want to go.


I think I already said it, but if bottom 20 - based on the rankings of Slyest - won’t get the equivalent of at least a third place in CRW then there is zero incentive to compete.

30% incentive, and I’ve already tagged @JB.Scopely to inform him this is horse shit, is not going to encourage anyone.


was wondering how come nobody picked up on that one. braw was excluded to much of applause and brown nosing to scopely how good in spotting shit they were yet there was no post about factions that lost to braw getting the right rewards ( missed it?) or addressing accusations that were flying around towards avengers. Idk, this could be photoshopped but nobody felt like it should have been checked and explained. @JB.Scopely got berries on your pancake?

Absolute fact ^^^^

30% more when it’s gonna take 50% more effort at minimum to obtain same placement.

Yikes I hope JB have forgot one 0 :’)

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to be fair top 5 factions of this coinfest should have a pick of best toons in game, straight out. next 5 a chance out of 5 best in mini wheel. and the rest could get some sort of wheel with, again, best toons in it at 5 or 10% and 90% at 1st gen but still usable toons.

but you’ll get usual bs, explain to yourselves bragging rights were worth it and $200 or 300 worth of coins plus ruined weekend is a price you want to pay for it.

make it no coining war or they’ll never learn.