Skill/AR Effect Guide Needed

With the latest beta patch incoming and guardian shield change is on the horizon many people felt cheated or tricked as discussed in other thread so here is my suggestion to scopely.

You have to decide how a certain specialist skill / AR effect should work and announce it here. You need to post current skills right now. Someday evasion pops up and noone fully understands how it works or what can happen in evasive, pain split or maim damage. Then people get confused by all of these mechanics because there is so much unknown il them. They need to explain how does a skill work before releasing it. That way community can point them about possible bugs by asking them and prevent bugs even before happening.


I second that.

@DreamWalker I think I can manage to do it, but how you guys prefer it? In a Q&A model? because there are too much synergy between all Skill/AR to create a guide to a near future. Or I can give the general modus operandi of each skill and effect too and more specific scenarios you guys can ask.


As always awesome response combat devil can we get a closed thread listing all current skill ( mayb future skill). With a bit more depth of explanation. Possibly a few always asked questions with restated answers. Speaking of which if two characters taunt the same opposition character who is the target ? Is it simply first or last or is the their a prioritzation based a bigger forumla. Ex a single negan taught over come at me from abe.
Thanks for you dedication of input

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Thank you for even considering this. I’ve been asking for a while.

All we need are the core mechanics of specialist skills and status effects, as they are intended to work. Q&A will naturally occur, and I’m positive the community will readily communicate when things are not working as intended. This will help alert backend people to issues which need fixing, and keep players informed so they can make sound decisions when it comes to ascension and team building.

Again, thanks for your consideration.

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Lastest Taunt always overwrites the older one, :wink:


I agree that this type of guide is needed. It would also help users differentiate what the intended mechanics of a skill is and what may be a bug that should be reported.

Definitely something we can try to get for you guys. Wish it was easier to communicate in game, but there’s such limited space on character cards to fit all the minutiae.


awesome replies @CombatDevIl & @Agrajag . I suggest that you can put pretty raw explanations and we can make a QA afterwards and edit the initial guide with examples. I can see that you may not have time to edit and maintain the guide but community can back you up there as long as you answer the parts that confuse us about mechanics and work together to get the skill guide done.


You could always add a section to the support pages listing what everything does, you’d just need to make sure to keep it updated regularly


edit. Just realized pain split is an ar ability. Duuuhhhh

If u would make a Thread here and give us a Ingame Message that this Thread exists, it would be enough.

An option would be to go through this extensive set of wikis and update / add / modify them as necessary, Top page is

This way you have a large base of knowledge to reference, adding a new section specific to skills would be a great addition. Free’s you from dealing for the forum form factor also. @CombatDevIl @Agrajag

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Do it like an encyclopaedia. Make it searchable, with explanations of states and buffs. Don’t bother explaining how a particular toons AR works. We know when we’re being pitched to.

We just want a basic explanation of things like elusive, not an explanation of Javiers rush.

Off the top of my head, I’d like to know the exact mechanics of:


I get that there are a bunch of others, but there is no difinitive, central point that explains the mechanics of some core game principals. It makes it very difficult to know if a toon is good or not, or how to use a toon effectively.

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Is this wiki active? Looks like abandoned

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Me and @Agrajag are working on a doc describing them already. I think soon enough at least the basic explanation of all status and specialist skill will be available for you guys, then feel free to update the wiki page.


I think I would like to see a description of each and FAQ plus opportunity for community to pitch specific scenarios.

Evasion for example - does it block AP gain too? Feel like it does. How are some attacks 0 without absolute 0? That would mean you did less than say 80 damage, if it’s 0 damage is there no AP gain

Random side note I’ve always wondered, how does AP gain on defense work when taking damage? If someone has a huge AP when taking damage how does that calculate?

Let wiki be wiki. There needs to be something which exists via the forum site where this information can be accessed, and allows for dialogue to occur after the fact. This community is guaranteed to provide you with all the feedback you’d ever want, and will gladly inform you when things aren’t necessarily working properly.

It’s not the most up to date but has a solid amount of information. Alternative could be to transpose some of the more useful content over to a new “official” wiki under the scopely umbrella. Point is there’s alot of information already prepped, consolidating to a supported, official location would be good for everyone.