Six Straight Days Of Levelups Appreciation Thread


Thank you Scopely!!! You guys really know whats best for the players

Per the most updated Calendar
Today-Tuesday: Solo Levelup
Wed-Thu: Faction Levelup
Fri-Sun: Solo Levelup


What a snore fest, these level ups are beyond out of hand.


Kid’s got moves


OH ok, now I can do six straight days of leveling up smh


How else will the pressure be put between those who will or won’t end up with Rick?

I’m feeling the burn. :face_with_head_bandage::fire:


I think Scopely should cancel all wars for the remainder of the month and just give us a 30 day faction level Up tournament instead.

First place would get 5k 5* tokens and 3 bags with ultrarare gear and a bag with walkie or school bag.

I think 6 straight days is not enough to drain us out of our resources. 30 days would give even the whales a hard time.

@kalishane pass the info to live ops. Please make this happen!!


If only they could give us a real shot for t4 gear (not the token roulette)


bah levelup


Too bad we’re not having mini lvl ups during regular lvl ups



'Cause I heard all the people sayin’
Get down on it, come on and
Get down on it, if you really want it
Get down on it, you gotta feel it

@Plagueis It gets even better it’s 9 out of the next 11 days. People need to stop going all out for these or its never gonna get better.

Edit: So little love for Fred Berry R.I.P. Really used to like watching Whats happening. As Dwayne would say Hey-Hey-Hey!


Sweet Deal Brah! :rofl:


Just do like other better games… Just make it a week long event and have others events to do along with it.

Play plenty of other games where they tell you Sunday whats coming the next full week.

So you can have a week long raid event (or any event/s) . No stress over time, just nice milestones and of course the top reward if you win etc.

That way they don’t have to keep switching it up.

For the week long events there are faction rewards/milestones and solo…

Done. Smh…


Scopely is dumb, level up events aren’t even the biggest money throwing ones


It would make much more sense to do all raid events this week since THE FUCKING BADGES ARE DROPPING IN RAIDS!!! But i guess that makes too much sense.



Daaaaaam right they do [insert black slang for “brotha”]!


Where is there proof that there are 6 days of level ups?


Solo Level > Faction Level > Solo Level


Yeah like mine we get nothing but level ups


I’m ready to quit. Level ups are so boring. We should all just boycott levels ups. Whem they see zeros. They would have to change it


Please do not put this idea in their heads! PLEASE!