Six Stars why are we not getting ones we can actually ascend already


So I’m having been playing this game since almost the beginning and it took me a long time to get my five stars and than you released six stars making five star pretty much a glorified 4* and than we were told hey six stars are not going to be released into the wheel which it did all of this is pretty annoying it’s like starting all over again… and to make matters worse 99% of the six stars you are releasing we have to buy excuse me I meant to say try to buy … when are we going to get some six stars that we can actually ascend with the roster that we paid all this money for??? It’s starting to get Ridiculous


Yeah the speed they are releasing these 6 stars is strangling the game. War was really really boring, you used to be able to identify players by their defence teams, now it the same mix of 6-8 toons, incredibly tedious. For what I’ve seen and the amount of people quitting the game doesn’t have long left anyway.


It’s awful I fought the same 3 teams over and over my 150+ five stars are useless against them it’s so frustrating. I know I’m not the only one who is super pissed about this. And they say it takes a lot to make a six star toon well that’s fine but why in the months of development did you not have a steady set to start the release with…


Wait to see when they will release the 7 *


Why not do what apple did with the iPhone go from the seven and just release the 10* while they are at it !!


Before they even thought about releasing 6* they should have had a pool of at least 30-50 existing old school characters that could be assended. This would have given them plenty of time to add to the pool


What’s even more annoying they obviously have toons ready but for some reason won’t release them, I’ve seen leaks of green depot Glenn and red depot guv from a month ago but they still haven’t been released, WHY??


Exactfuckingly!!! It would of made this transition better and I wouldn’t be sitting her twiddling my thumbs trying to figure out how to beat double pyria shiva teams with what feels like three star toon … I have enough tokens to bring up five more six stars at the moment but have nothing to work with


I pulled the new yellow one they released can’t remember her name she is bloody useless till you upgrade her ar … u have to wait till level 6 or 7 to even use the advertised ar I was so pissed


That’s part of the problem too, even if the ones they’ve released there are only 50% of them that are any good. So everyone is basically using the same 8 toons


I hated this war !!! It’s was awful and the rewards we have been getting are even worse ??? Why are we not getting new characters that we can ascend like we did with original war prizes ? No we keep getting tokens for five stars we can’t use to battle and since there are no six stars we can use them To upgrade either


Yeah the game really is in a bad place at the minute, loads of people quitting. It’s a shame


I feel like they have tons of toons ready to be ascendable.

It only takes a push of a button to make them come to life.

This is a strategy to make sure maximum profits are obtainable.

The frame work was laid out long before the release of 6*


Yeah I’m sure your right but it’s making a ton of veteran players quit because of it … fucking your high spenders is not a good business model


I can’t honestly see how holding them back increases profits. If they released a lot from the go they could sell gear/watches/ radios by the barrel load. As it happens they’ve released them so slowly that by the time I want to assend I’ve got more than enough of everything I need, zero $ spent.


Also if the idea is to increase profits, loosing a big chunk of your player base is also quite a bad stratergy too


The worse part of getting all these five stars I never had I’m scared to ascend with anything but dupes because who knows what they will release and I think this was part of the reason they made dupes a little less easy to get


It’s really not that old, being 6* release.

They make tons off anticipation alone when a decent 6* hit premier recruits.

I would be worried if they shoved all the 6* out there at once…that would mean they are only after fast profit verse spreading it all out over a period of time.

It’s called nickel and diming the player base to death :slight_smile:


If they don’t get a move on there won’t be a player base left. There would have been no harm in releasing 30+ older og characters from the off to act as a platform, everyone understand that the premier toons will be better eventually to it wouldn’t affect profits of anticipation. It would just keep up participation levels


I love how they got everyone excited about 6* and we lost sight of the fact most of us now have very expensive very useless 5* rosters. Not just money but time…