Six Star Princess Roadmap


Thanks again Scopely for making my favorite comic book character a promo too


She’s prob a Lacerator


she will be parting shot :wink:


no way will she be parting shot. That specialist skill is WAY too op.


but she’s an op character so it’s fitting think about it


Kind of a weird weapon if you ask me. She def must have a taunt somewhere.


Yah, I agree. You just wouldn’t hit her otherwise. Not that 600 bleed is super nasty. But yeah, must be a taunt AR Ricky


Not impressed but that’s just me 🤷🏾‍♂


She’ll likely have taunt 3 + heal, since shes a promo and its the best way tro spread the bleed.




Her active is a very lacking. Taunt 3 is nice, but elusive? If u could use it turn 2, it would work, but turn 3, rushes are already fully charged. Rush is also lacking a bit, another taunt 3 but dmg is low, healing is good, pain split is ok.

She seems good on attack, since she can taunt 3 ppl, and 600 bleed is nice, but it cant be laced so not really that op :/. But on def, i’ll just ignore her, and 1 shot her with neut gov.


I knew they were going to make her a 6* promo. It’s what to expect for most characters nowadays.


She’s pretty bad if not mediocre


Decent toon. Certainly not up to the level of some recent OP toons released like Lydia.



If she taunted 3 for 2 or 3 turns, that would’ve been something. But I guess with event toons like Eugene, Maggie, and Abe, Scopes felt we already got enough FTP taunt/pain split toons. Same here @Miia. She’s my favorite in the comics.


Even against whale teams, they often don’t get their AP by turn 2/3 because they are stunned, or they hit characters with Guardian shield. And that’s from me using an unleveled 5*/6* team.



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