SIX star Lori. (15chars)


We need her ASAP!!!

That all.


Didn’t work for the Governor and it won’t for Lori. Plus they still haven’t even leaked her card yet. I hope she’s great as we need more f2p reds but what if she stinks?

I also just looked at her 5-star card again and shes the Governor so I seriously doubt she will stay the same. That would be way to redundant even for them.


I hope she’s a command or has a nice leaderskill at least. She was good as a war prize when she came out hopefully they do her justice as a 6 star.


Same. Let’s really shoot for the moon. She is an iconic character so I hope they do her justice.

For her leader skill how about 40% def and 40% hp like her son. I would also love her ar to be hurt and heal. There are no ranged f2p healers out there. Her active could be recover stun or impair or both. Command is great so I’m down with that.

Pipe dream but that would be awesome.


I was actually hoping something along "huge ap when def and atk for all ranged, as well as a great AR and AS to pick up a where the 4* version left off (which i used as range lead for quite some time when i was a shrimp).

An alternative would be like 40% atk and huge AP bonus to all ranged attackers. Since Gov kinda took her style maybe hurt and heal would also be a great AR. Still hopeful that she will get a respectful 6* version, even if she is “f2p” its not a very common toon.


Let’s compromise. We already have Mira for the att. So personally I would rather have the 40% def but I can work with the huge ap instead of the hp.

Yeah, same here. She deserves it. I also don’t have her so I’m gonna be praying to the gods of 4-star ascendance. Getting a ton of reds ready to go. Got really lucky with Siddiq hope for the same with Lori.


keep dreaming, suvivor


I would love that lead skill on her! @IronandWine


Blue Shane is F2P… but he’s so terrible I don’t blame you for not counting him…


Your right I did completely forget about him. He is but is he really f2p? You cant ascend him or buy him from the depot. Is he even on any of the wheels?

I would take him if it’s free. Dont know if I would ascend him, lol.


I would just hope she doesn’t get ruined like Shane. Let’s just hope she can be usable as redgovernor.


He’s definitely not in any wheels or depot so I wouldn’t exactly call him F2P. I personally would ascend him if I had him


A faction mate got him from Prestige tokens, but that was before the wheel update


Shane us a free to play healer tho


Was a war prize on one of the wars as 3rd place reward… and much much sooner as a raid rewards for 1st or second


Well, at least you can get 5* ascendable Lori by ascending 4* Lori LMAO.
Just like Rick (from 3* Rick to 4* Rick and then to 5* Rick).


Which lori is it?? Road to survival lori?


This one:


Thnx mate.