Six star gear map is needed

The amount of gear needed to level up an S Class is beyond stupid. S class is here. S class is the meta. We need more avenues for gear. Period.


We have the one avenue scopely cares about. Credit cards


Yea, I suppose that’s the reason one hasn’t been created. I guess they must be selling a lot of gear if players have five full S classes. I can’t even t4 one. It’s wild.


Agreed, the amount of trainers, gear and food needed is beyond ridiculous. Trying to level up one S is insane, I can’t imagine have a full team of them.


I think that’s the point of trying to get an S-class. It isn’t an instant “level up and use ASAP” character.

It’s all about building up resources overtime to attain that supposed end-game/end of the line character.

Play any decent game out there with similar end-game statuses. You don’t just easily get end-game gear and be done. It’s always a challenge to build up to that end-game.

Also(because I don’t have time to make the Pickachu meme)

Players: WTF, S-class stats are OP and will ruin the game
Players: It’s too hard to level up my S-class characters! I want to be able to max them out ASAP.


Please take this to the team @GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely, it should of been addressed as soon as S-class was released, start playing your game🤗

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I’ve been playing this game for four years. Hit every milestone in every event for all the league store tokens. And I can’t even t3 let alone t4 my first six star priya. It’s absurd. It takes long enough to get the toons. It will take my forever to finish priya and then forget about if I want a second S class blue character.


Did you perhaps spend your gear on other characters that wasn’t possibly needed?

I don’t know about you, but I personally didn’t fall into the hype of how 6*s have to be maxed out T4 level 90 to be efficient. The stat differences between T3 level 80 and T4 level 90 is hardly game changing to the point where you would lose significantly more battles if you didn’t do it.

But without digressing from the point, if S-Class characters are meant to be end-game characters, the way they’re designed, from collecting the collectibles, to leveling them with fodder and gear, is all meant to be similar to end-game grind. It gives players a goal to strive for, for better or for worse.

Of course, some players might not like that whole end-game grind, but RTS has always been a grinding game. It’s like playing Runescape or Maplestory, and the moment an end-game patch is released, it’s hardly realistic for players to obtain the end-game gear, and be done with it completely. There’s always a stipulation like having to constantly upgrade the gear to maximize it’s efficiency, or to maintain the gear efficiency with currency.

That’s just my opinion at least. I think for the status that the S-class characters are meant to represent in the game, it’s not surprising of the amount of gear and food it takes to get them. Let’s not forget, when S-class was first announced, players were concerned with how broken those characters are, in addition to their exorbitant prices and stat boosts. Players can’t have it both way when they think S-class characters are broken, while wanting much easier ways to obtain/level/gear them up to be the broken characters they’re made out to be.


S class is clearly not the end of the game. It’s just another reset. There will be 7 stars in the future unless the game shuts down. There is nothing rare about an S Class toon anymore with them being two weeks per promo.

Unless you knew what the future was, there was no reason to think leveling would be this much of a headache. I always kept 3x needed of each trait. Guess what, that barely gets you to t3. It’s crazy.

Fact is they are still nickel and diming the player base for everything. There is a roadmap for all gear except for six star gear. Six stars have been out for what, two years? Why is there no roadmap?



Chase the refresh, spend to refresh the depot and the leagues store and then spend for the gear, this is by design, everything is working as intended, keep surviving ya buckets.


Not saying individual S-class themselves are rare, but the means of obtaining one will take a while. I couldn’t care if they released 100 new S-class tomorrow, since the only viable way of obtaining them without spending is still not going to change.

I personally kept like 99% of my roster at t3 level 80 because it wasn’t needed to push for T4. That’s just me.

A screenshot is so much better than a quote.

@Rickygrimes, there is a reason that we are still living in the same situation as we were in the 4 star days - because they cba to update the economy from the 4star days to the 6 star days, let alone the Sclass days.

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I mean they could’ve just put the 6* gear in these every 2 hour maps


and dont forget gear is also need when adding veteran rings also. this is the first time I have ever struggled for gear or even silver ascension medals

That’s another thing. Wasting gear and medals on two toons, just to sacrifice them for the S class. This whole thing is idiotic and needs a revamp.


Also annoying that
A) no more canteens and gps in lvl ups
B) fewer tourneys awarding league tokens so that we’re forced to hit final lu milestones for tokens even though those milestones are inferior now


Glad I was hoarding the league tokens lol


They go quick, believe me


I know. That’s 75% of what I had just one week ago. Spent like 600-700K only to max 2 characters.


Just guesstimating some numbers…

People get 30 collectibles per day from the roadmap, and maybe 130 per week from torches. Let’s assume (generic) you is in a top 3 faction, so should end up top 15ish in crw, that’s another 100-150 every two weeks. Let’s assume another 75 per week from Champion’s arena (probably a bit high, esp as some people will also want rings). Maybe another 200 per week from events, and 50 from compensation for screwups. That puts us at: 7*30 + 130 + (150/2) + 75 + 200 + 50 = 740ish collectibles per week. Going rate seems to be 11000 collectibles per S-class, which would put us at one S-class per 15 weeks. (I just noticed I forgot about war bags, onslaught, and the occasional weekly missions, but I also did not include losses due to duplicates, or the occasional skipped day due to illness etc; - it’s just a rough estimate)

1 S-class seems to have five times the requirements of maxing a 6* if I remember right, so seven times total including the wasted toons. So you would have to roughly acquire enough materials to max one 6* every two weeks. CRW should take care of canteen/gps. I have completely lost track of where 6* gear is available now because I’m not short, so I will have to go by historical average.

I started playing about 2 years ago. I have 42 6T4, and enough gear to max about another 16, which would put us at 58. That’s more than one every two weeks, and that number does not include all the gear from 6 I only got to T3. I also usually only get 4*/5* gear from the league store, so there’s a bit of room.

So going by these estimates, the rate at which you can max your S-class seems a bit faster than the rate at which you can acquire them, even if you occasionally do pulls for extra collectibles, but not by much.