Six star gear event

Can we get some kind of museum event with 6 star gear? I know you had gps and canteen in war, but my work schdule makes warring on weekends damn near impossible, and leagues are no help when you have whales constantly on top 30 of top tier gold, I have so many 6 stars stuck at tier 3, Thanks for hearing me out.


Yeah that good one was so long ago.

Have nothing now and not enough league tokens to buy everything you need.
Never mind the refresh timer

Thats like asking the super lotto to help you get 5 out of 6 numbers

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Wow, I haven’t seen you here for awhile. How you doing bro?

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Oh they hear ya and they don’t care. You want gear. There is a nice 99.99 offer you can buy. If that’s not enticing enough you can always buy your way to the top like the rest do and claim it as that F2P grind.

No progression unless you pay. So good luck to you.


No. No you can’t. Those days are long gone. It’s 6 of each per week provided you have enough league tokens or head on over to the store and buy them. It’s crap.

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Haha indirect


Oh and Keep on Surviving!!

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I really need some hockey masks , wetstones , bandeliers and double holsters now…league store is limited to tokens i have.

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I’ve just been surviving, Like scopely informs me to do, lol Really wish getting gear for toons wasn’t like pulling teeth.

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