Six star Davie Lacerator


he has promo written all over him


Look at his arm jeez. How does does he swing his arm so fast even though he is carrying a heavy metal toolbox?


The arm is what’s getting your attention? That pose is all kinds of dumb.


I realized he is shaking everywhere now.


But no one is spending, right? :man_shrugging:


Just put a hood and you got urself a georgous red riding hood LMAO


no there are some whales out there


Their attempt to “bribe” others into spending. Don’t fall for it.


Yay another attacking red character to get one shotted by tyreese


Davie’s arm bends at an impossible angle, WITCH!


My arm used to look like that when carrying something heavy. Could very well be that.


Where’d you find this? Not on vk


People’re Gonna pull for certain.


Check through your databases, see what you can find


Why would anyone pull for someone that’s clearly an alien?


No normal human being should be able to do that shit with their arm, and swing it around


“used to”


I mean if I wanted to I could make it do that :joy:


Lowkey davie was modeled after the mentality of anyone who drops $10k+ on this game lol


Where did you get that image @Miia