Six star Clementine Vitality


Finally they’ll release the six star Clementine, but she’s promo ofc


And she is pain split. A good amount of promos here recently have been pain split!

Why is this?


It’s a pretty bad idea releasing Disarm Michonne before Clementine tbh.


Be interesting to see how vitality works out.

How much extra health does she get in relation to unspent adrenaline, does she the lose that AP (suspect not, but?).

I do like pain split though, it’s around a lot but really useful.


I don’t think it would be lost maybe something like how evasion works but for health


Can’t wait to pull for her and get 10 4*. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it


Don’t think I will pull for her tbh, at least not until I come up against her and see how she works. Alert toons need to be very good with all the heavy hitting tough toons around & I think her stats are all round average.

Stun gun is useful if you don’t have any, but almost everyone does these days so that’s largely irrelevant.

Vitality could be good, pain spit is decent, stats aren’t good enough to defend against Michonne, Dwight, Tyreese & the like.


She could be TBD for all I care. I’m in it for the clem


same, can`t wait to get fked


Pain split seems to be a new standard for tank toons.


Wonder if Vitality will be 1 hp for every 1 ap. Or use some other ratio.


The point is she come with STUN GUN!!!




hate to break it to you, but no one cares


Surely nobody would reply then?


Stun gun was so last year.


just letting you know


Something seems off about Clem. Doesn’t she mainly use a knife? Why isn’t she fast?


idk, there`s already a Clem for every trait except strong


Same reason why Violet isn’t fast with a cleaver and Louis strong with Chairles: Scopely don’t care