Six character slots

So I spent 650 dollars for a revive abe and everything else was garbage. So I quit and come back about 1 year later what I saw was terrifying I saw s5 s4 s3 s2s and I was used to s1s and stuff. I went to go look for my old friends and they all quit all still in the same faction dead. They quit because of six stars. The only way I see not making this even harder on new players is instead of adding seven stars which I expect will eventually happen, add a new player slot making it so you may have six slots instead of five this would change the meta-ish. Or just don’t add anything at all :kissing_cat:

So those of us with six stars can run six of them?

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RNGesus is the 6th man on every team.


Lmao! Hey, if you hang in there OP, it may be rough for a few weeks. But you will get there. You should have a nice backlog of maxxed 4*s. Use those and attempt to get some of the f2p ascendables! The game is changing. We must change alongside it.

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