Siqqid's AR glitch or game mechanic?: AP given to a teammate with already maxed AP


I’m wondering if Siddiq’s AR is a glitch or game mechanic as he has been giving teammates who have filled their AP and leaving the others untouched. I know it’s supposed to be random but I was hoping that it wouldn’t give AP to those who already have their ap maxed. Please address.

6* Siddiq's AR broken


It’s been happening with Carl since 6’s came out, it’s random, not a glitch.


No, it was a glitch that fix will most likely be in our next app update.


What about the glitch that nobody seems to have noticed or commented on where Ezekiel is supposed to put gaurdian on the weakest hp and he puts it on who had the weakest hp at the beginning not currently or is that a glitch at all. I know he’s always going to be the last but when you have a teammate on low hp he puts it on from first to last who started with the lowest.


I am not aware of this issue, could you get a video of this issue, please?


I would’nt have a clue how to video me playing the game, probably sound inept and stupid but I’ll figure it out in the morning and send it to you, thanks @CombatDevIl.


Thanks for the quick reply!!!


Combat devil u are awesome. Thanks for always jumping on to answer our questions :slight_smile:


There was an update on android today. Was that not to fix ap gain and/or faction assault issues? @CombatDevIl


It is supposed to be fixed on 9.1, which version do you get there?


-.- never. Using him since day one and he saved many, many asses of almost dead toons, because he never did what you described. That’s totally automated as a tactic when I fight. Guardian>Rush very often.


then, not yet :frowning:


How can we tell the version lol no idea just know I had an update


Menu -> Options -> About


OK it’s same as was said above the 9.06 so this is for both faction assault and the ap gain issues, that will be fixed on 9.1? I’ve watched some faction assaults on Utube and it seemed to work fine but others have said it’s not working at all. Is this all users doing t5 or is it situational meaning android vs apple, certain regions??


Yes, it should be fixed on 9.1, and it isn’t situational, both android and iOS have this issue in any tier.