Single slot weapon reset


We have all been busy upgrading our weapons to find a great weapon only to find one upgrade slot fails to deliver and we have to reset the whole weapon and start again.
I would love to see the ability in weapon crafting to reset only 1 slot at a time instead of the whole weapon.


Ya id say its about time. Add a lil coin cost if needed what with league coins floating around weekly it shouldnt be too bad for anyone to manage.

Keep it low as with how much crap we get on the regular it would cost a fortune with all the single resets we would be doing.

But it is nonsense after finally getting that 3rd slot crit you wanted having to sit with missed slots on 1 and 2 or risk resetting and starting over.


I am sure if they did that, They would nerf the chances of us hitting the desired special. Otherwise everyone would be running perfect weapons


Ya have all the whales running maxed weapons on every team! No thanks!! this idea has been brought up before but always turned down


The whales have perfect weapons already who u kidding lol


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