Single Pulled a 6 Star!

How much of a game changer is she?
And how should I mod her?


She’s not very gud




She’s very nice on defense. Congrats. Slow plus guardian plus confuse and absolute defense.

shes great on def


Her rush is really good. Congrats!

Give her a def mod set Including a def mod with health to make her real tanky. Plus the usual resist mods. In the right team she can be damn annoying, but I don’t think she is a game changer.

also need a crit chance mod

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she is pretty good as support on atk too, great toon.

That is pretty darn lucky…good job!

Or would you equip a crit mod set with health & def mods? No experience with this if guardian pops more often with a crit chance mod or if it is the same without.

Crit chance mods make a huge difference

She can be very annoying on the right teams.
Maybe you could craft a time out team with her.

Hide your pull, before the wheel gets nerfed to 0.1%

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