Single day events



I noticed next week is all single-day events. Will milestones reflect that at all?


nothing worse than a damn single day Survival Road tourny. Been happening far too often lately…


I like single day events. I find that when there’s long events I tend to wait and put it on hold before competing especially with meh prizes. I’m like “sigh, lame prizes I’ll just make top this or that but I still have enough time.” but with single day tourneys I seem more dedicated


Single day events are fine, but shouldn’t have same milestones as 2 day events


Considering that many of the single day events’ placement prizes are rarely worse than 1.5-2.5 day events, bring those single day events on.


The short survival road event would be better if still included the refill at bronze finish and maybe even another after elite. I do like a 3k milestone for short raids. 4.2k is yuck, especially when it starts / ends at like 3am for me :joy: