Single day events suck


What’s up with the single day events ? The milestones are the same as the 2 day events and the rewards are cut in half @kalishane . Should we expect to see these every week now cause it’s not a step forward for sure


they like to experiment on us.

This is just an experiment to see if they can milk the cow for some honey.

Tip ! Cows dont make Honey!


Milestones definite are too high.


They should scale the milestones based on the duration of the event.

I remember one of the 1-day raid events a few weeks ago, they scaled the benny milestone to 2.2k.


24hr events have their place, 48hr levels ups in the middle of the week are a killer for me, boring!

But i agree, the rewards need to match the time slot, same with raids, i’m never tried to hit 4200 but it would bloody hard work in 24 hr!


I don’t mind single day events but if rank rewards are cut in half to match the limited time-frame then milestones should also be cut in half. It only makes sense.


Have Survival Road rewards been leaked yet?




23 hour duration on SSRT so gotta buy at least 4 cans … more if you wanna sleep any … just to complete it


@kalishane can I get a response


I’ll answer for her.


Too busy prepping this Pay to complete SR tourney for more petty scraps.


I wouldn’t call Ulysses petty. He alone is worth the grind.


How much are you willing to spend for a trainer? Seems pretty petty for me to pay for the weak amount of scraps they seem to always dish out.

But hey that is just me.


Considering how difficult trainers are? $5. I do that every SR and I always get in top 100 on time. And I sleep 5-6 hrs. Just work at it, get as far as you can, hope for the best.


1 day survival road tournament is just low, and no way to get road refills but to buy them.


And no response :thinking: