Sincerely the offers for trainers are garbage

I’m pretty sure scopely do that on purpose. Either there is the ones with guaranteed 10 bennies $100 offers but c mon? Or coins offers with 1% chance at one Benny? Really? And 90% for Burts. I’m telling u they do that on purpose to provoke u buy expensive offers, they add trainers u need in highly expensive offers on purpose cuz they know u can’t level up shit without bennies & basils

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Wow you figured out scopely is trying to make money all by yourself…

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10 bennies for $100? That’s freaking Robbery brah. Even the mafia won’t do that

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Then dont buy why post there is tons of terrible offers.


I’m not dumb enough to fall for their shitty games, if u read the title u will see im asking for better offers

Welcome to 4 years ago not going to happen

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Don’t care if happen or not, I’m just posting my feedback

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