Since you suck at everything Scopely

How about you just give us enough balloons to finish this event since you dont even seem capable of running your roadmaps on time. Your compentacy has moved beyond sad to utterly pathetic at this point. Just give us what we need so we dont have to put up with 2 weeks of your constant mistakes.


I agree with this. Pathways was better than this shit.


Love how everyone praises pathways now, but did nothing but cry about it back then.
It was a horrible grind.
1100 boring friendly raids cos without canning like crazy you’d have to use tons of cans.
Lose sr stages intentionally 100s of times.
And whatever else it had, i forget but nearly every mission required an opportunistic exploit


I agree pathways sucked so glad they didn’t require the 3 billion faction support points in this event.
But I suspect the 10 free rm is only temp and in a day or so we’ll only be able to do other rm by purchasing balloons.

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I like pathways cause it was decent. I had got supreme crates, and governor. That’s all. I didn’t get to get piper tho so big ass rip.

Me to only because of those supreme crates still got 600 beni’s and 20k coins what’s not to like, they earned me Pete and Priya with more to come, all for a big grind perfect for me

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Agreed I got 40k in coins during that event well worth it. I just would like 1 event to go by without constant problems this entire event is based on the timing of those maps and to screw that up repeatedly this early is ridiculous


Pathways gets praise because the rewards were actually pretty good for once. It was still a shitty, buggy boring event though, if you consider it without the rewards.


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