Since when does 2nd and 3rd place get the same rewards?

I’ve noticed during these faction events that 2nd and 3rd now get the same prizes. Before it was a 1st prizes then 2nd then 3rd etc, but now it’s all grouped up. Why @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Welcome to RTS where nothing makes sense :hugs:


That’s the same principle as giving us war rewards which see useless. Cough 10 war tokens cough

Probably looks good on paper if you don’t play the game.


So second and third save their resources to aim for top one in upcoming events , and we hope the top faction spend money to keep it up

This has happened multiple times.

They screwed up the solo brackets but they for sure got the faction ones right. Most regions only have 5 or 6 active factions anyway. Now second and third share a rewards and so does fourth through sixth.

For once they made a change that I can get behind. Don’t change a thing.

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This is pretty ridiculous, but I see what Scopely has done here, they want the usual 2nd and 1st really duke it out and spend spend spend, but I thinking this will have the opposite effect, my factions usually places 1st in events but occasionally we do get 2nd, we did tonight in level up to the other top faction in our region, with these rewards placing us in same bracket as 3rd, which are always half the points that our region 1st and 2nd puts up, I think many more top factions will just decide to tank the events, not to be snobbish but I don’t want my faction working their butts off to get same rewards as factions doing half the work… makes 0 sense

Yes let’s live in the rewards world where everyone basically gets a participation reward… I’m sure this will promote very competitive spirits across the board​:eyes::eyes::eyes:

I agree here with unless you are a rank 1 faction, if you normally get 2nd and 1st place kinda smashes well might as well take 3rd and ease up on resources which means less spending @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely uhhh ohhh less spending, hurry take it to the team!

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You go live in your world where you spend real money to take first and believe it’s some kind of talent or skill instead of an empty bank account and credit card debt that got you there.

Because you just said everyone who is not first is not putting in any kind of effort. Please.


No I said factions putting half the effort as another faction should absolutely not get same rewards, it’s called competition.

To many snowflakes want things handed to them in this game and in real life to be honest.

I hope these rewards brackets go back to normal ASAP!


Your entire premise is based on there being two factions battling for first, and third place just cruising into third. That might be reflective of your own region, but not necessarily representative of other regions.


We went back and forth between 2nd and 3rd all level up and raid long. Neither one of us stopped because we didn’t want to fall to 4th who was also still battling to try and take 3rd.

You’re talking out of your butt. The new brackets just give more rewards out for the top 6 who are generally the most active factions and everyone deserves better rewards.

Stop talking it’s embarrassing. BTW I saw you begging for 5-star gear in another thread. I thought you are opposed to handouts. Get to farming. :smirk:

Now you are embarrassing yourself :joy:
How is asking for a gear event asking for handouts?

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Because your not dedicated to farm the roadmap like everyone else I guess.

The gear event we all want is the 6-star t3/t4 museum one. Not a 5-star gear one.

Talking with you makes my brain hurt. Go away.

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Guy, you seen overly sensitive about these rewards, I recommend you taking a step back and breathing.

Your brain is hurting ? Seriously? :joy: time to put the device down.



Stop talking. It’s embarrassing.

The gear strangle hold is real. If you think it’s bad at the top of the food chain imagine what lower level factions are going threw. We need these lower factions to keep the game running or at least regions as they stand now.
Pixels do not equal to a hand out… Non of it is real and were the rewards really good enough be be called a hand out if given for lower factions.

I like the new rewards placing, means there,s more to fight for, Oh and we normally finish 6th so 4-6 is awesome for us

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