Since weapons are predetermined


As stated by a Dev in another post, weapons are already determined, so that airplane mode plus other cheats don’t work, can you please shorten the craft times? No point in waiting days when it’s already set!
Also removing the dumb animation for everything but the crafting would be nice.
This would also help with using up materials, since the odds are so bad.


The timers are there as a cooldown on attempts, same as the timers on Scavenger Missions and other features. Whether the roll is made at the end of the countdown or the beginning doesn’t really make a difference.

For examples outside of this game, what you get from a Clash Royale chest is also almost assuredly rolled when the chest is rewarded. Or any of the timer locked features in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Pretty standard design.


I don’t play other games, so if it’s the standard does nothing for me, I do know that waiting days for failed attempt does. If the timer does stay then let us have more armories in game to get better chances at failures, err I mean successes!


I’ve been trying from the release of the armory never gotten 1 stun.
Doesn’t help I started at a disadvantage due to the armory being broken when released, plus after it was “fixed” only to still be broken after they said it was fixed.


The timers are there to persuade u to coin them :wink:


You thought the timers were there to give the computer enough time to generate whether you had a success or failure?



it could ruin alot more if you can waste 10 kits in a matter of minutes ^^


I’d agree that timers are good otherwise you could just craft over and over in a short span of time…

As to whether the timers are too long, maybe shortened to a day from 32 hours for the special stats would be good


Why does timer need reducing? Certainly not getting resources faster than crafts are finishing.


LMFAO read the response again.

Certain components are “pre-rolled” that’s not “weapons are predetermined”

This is obvious because you can reset a weapon and get a different result.

Or you guys can just read it how you want and go full deep-state Kyrie Irving/Trump.

There is no need for any conspiracy theories on this one since WE ALREADY KNOW that 90% of the time will be the SUCK RESULT


Once you get a trait result, it does seem easier to get it again. I’ve got 5 abs def, and 3 stun guns. Only one revive and stun katanas. I stopped trying on the last two after one success.


Nope, there is no trend for that.

AD was the first special I got, 1.5 years ago. Zero AD since (so many fails) but crits all over the place for other results.

Failed Huge AP with PT/DT, have gotten HUGE AP with no PT or DT…

Even when I used my menstural voice.


Agreed. There’s no widespread evidence to proof that the theory holds.

Eg: I got Stun Katana on my first try, but failed to get it in the next 10+ upgrades.


Pretty sure this is what’s happening behind the scenes. :rofl:

Keep on surviving…


I wasn’t a big DnD player, but I can count the number of times I’ve rolled a 20 on one hand :smiley: same number of ADs.

(I’m way luckier with Stun, I must have used my nice voice when I rolled for those)


I have a theory on armoury… its only superstitious tho… start weps with crit terries and dont collect em til u have crit terries… most of my successes were from doing this…


This is nothing new. Most people where doing that before we got clarity on how the territory bonuses worked.

But yeah, its all pure luck, everyone has their own thing they think works.


All of these were started with both crit spots but all were picked up without them. Stun, ab def, and 2 impairs. It’s total luck. I did try like 10 times for impair on a combat shotgun. After that kept failing I switched over to a not as good camo rifle and got one and failed one. Next day I tried with the one that failed and it also got impair.

Would love to see the actual % on every craft. So what if its 3% scopes it’s not like anyone is gonna stop trying for them.


It’s 40% luck and 78% how menstrating your voice sounds, with a variable accounting for raw-water and concussion-proof nano-bubble water that Russell Wilson shills when pretending to be a born again virgin.