Since we have bleed.. and burn.. why not acid or poison?

lunatic acid as a specialist skill so we can have a similar things like hemorrhage but obviously no laceration involved.


Thanks for listening

I’d be down to drop some acid.


dont think it work as well.

Because the idea of promoting people throwing acid around is pretty twisted, even in the post apocalyptic world of TWD?

Seriously, it also isn’t the kind of thing that kills either. Just causes horrendous disfigurement. So it doesn’t even fit as a weapon…

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We should have infection from Walker bites.


That implifies a toon who is actually infected? hm, not bad at all. But in which combat situation did someone use his infection as a skill? Sneezing? Biting? Sounds crazy. An infected weapon sounds better if you ask me.

A toon called… Barlon that has a walker on a leash


Acid could act like maim - permanent damage?

toon with a tazer or pepper spray

Tabasco deals more damage than acid imo

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I think Maggie used up all of the available supply of acid during the Maggie vs. John pick your path roadmap event.

Poison ftw,
There are plenty of poisons that can cause stun effect, just deal damage or instantly kill after certain amount of time if not treated

Poison? This thread was about acid as a weapon but ok… now you want what, a toon dressed up like the Orkin man?

I suggested using poison instead of acid :slight_smile: your joke is US based, I’m not from the states and u made me google ! Let’s just have a toon with poisoned knives that’s pretty much it

I was actually thinking of something like that a few days back.

maybe something like from a walker bite or tainted weapon. Poison stat is to much like pokemon they already have burn, confuse, stun/ impair[ like being paralyzed], and bleed.

@JB.Scopely take it to the team

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