Since there's revive everywhere now


Can we now get a double revive to take one revive out and make more room for a better defense pweeze. @JB.Scopely since we are progressing into 2019!!!


That’s probanly already being developed, premier that revives and decapitates on rush


At this point give us a toon with 30 rush, revive all, heal all teammates 100% hp for 3 turns, give 100% bonus hp, 100% defense for 8 turns, decap enemy team and win the game. Put it on promo and lie like always about the % so say that theirs a 0.1% chance when really the % is 0 and have people spend non stop for this promo that will be put on promo for the rest of the game




Lead skill whatever amount ar needed to rush
Decapitate, revive 4 , 3000hp 3000def 5000attack, disarm up to 3 enemies with any kind of hit,
Rush : 100%hp,def,att given to all teammates , 1000% damage to 3 goons
If this toon dies everyone receives full health and ar


You forgot to add “including itself”. There now its ready to sell.



Ooo yes new skill
Rising from the dead: this toon dies it’s able to do a dance to the gods of life and bring itself back ready to rush


Or a character with a revive rush.
Every single time it goes off a chat bubble will pop up saying “Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!”
When this chat bubble pops up, the enemy team will get a “Destroy Morale” debuff and it will force the enemy team to surrender.


Keep in mind that this was gonna be a thing at some point


Correctly correct


Road to Revival


I thought about this skill before, Phoenix, when this character is killed all teammates receive 50% hp and 50% bonus hp


i personally don’t think defences need to be improved. I face enough timeout teams. I think if scopely wants to bring back interest to the game, they need to start making better attack characters. A lot of people get bored when they face teams they can’t beat, or know they will timeout, or RNG strikes and ruins the battle altogether.


Fixed it


Why don’t they just go the whole hog and give us a defence toon that can’t be killed. Some weird vitality and evasion combo. Then you wouldn’t Even need a revive.


Will it look and “dance” a bit like Rick Ashley too?


I’ll w8 for some genius to build me a 1 turn 1 shot team and then Demolish those revives FEAR NOT it’s coming.


Yeah, he will have his own unique look and character animation, just like the red Davie has his own look and animation :wink:


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