Since the PC started communicating a week ago

We have had:
-More communication on the forum before release of new toons/events from Scopely. Albeit it couldn’t get much less.
-A choice box of either 500 key or cones
-A pull on the War wheel
-Camilla as an extra toon for season 7
-The reintroduction of the third toon in the season shop
-Choice box rather than RNG in top prizes for last tournament
-Guaranteed 6 star shield for 40 pulls
-Guaranteed promo at 250 pulls, yes that’s still pretty extreme
(These last 2 of course will only affect spenders)

Not saying its all down to the player council, but these are good changes and have occurred very quickly since the player council has been formed and communicating over the last week and a bit.

Yes this is only a small step and much more needs to be done but it’s definitely a quick start.

This post isn’t in relation how PC was selected and I understand why that is a sore point for quite a lot of the player base. But this list does highlight that either or both PC and PU (either together or individually) are being taken note of. Players are always welcome to their opinion, but it’s worth bearing the above list in mind when forming those opinions.

From myself I’d like to say thanks to both PU and PC and to keep up the good work. Much much more needs to be done but it’s a good start.

P.s. This still doesn’t mean I would trust Scopely as far as I could throw them with my little finger.


I agree there have been good changes since the PC’s cogs started turning, although it baffles just how much the forum really must have been neglected prior as a source of feedback, something that must change.


For a lot of people, all the good has been wiped out by the new transfer policy.


If transfers aren’t corrected it is all for nothing on my side cause I can’t reconnect my faction mates to play again. Then the only reason I’ve continued to play becomes nearly pointless sadly but I do agree that PU is starting to have a positive impact on the game. But I feel no joy in any of it with the news of this transfer policy

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Aye the new transfer policy doesn’t help and is a pretty poor move. Hopefully PU or PC can get this adjusted.


And the worst region transfer policy ever


To scopely we are a bunch of whiners who will complain no matter what we do. They just think gamers are toxic no matter what but they vetted these PC members before they selected them so they probably trust them. Must have been a real shock when they sounded just like the rest of us

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I eat pieces of “redacted” like you for breakfast

Becouse of S-Class all those changes will be crap after few more weeks. All 6* Will be outdate soon like 5* now. Thays why we have wheels update etc. Was the same when 6* Was released, and we didnt have PlayersUnited or PlayersCouncil at that time.

All of these changes are eye soaking.

You eat pieces of for breakfast?

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