Since the Buff Season is on

Here are few more toons Scopely can use their time and energy to buff up.
@GR.Scopely Yo homie :wave:

Stats and Rush

Again Stats and Rush

Mainly his Leader skill- should be Huge Ap on attack


Do right by your playerbase for once Scopely!


If they simply buffed these toons it would go quite a way as it would show that they are listening. But with how it has been this past while I am sad to say they’ll probably ignore this.


yes the probability is high for the latter, but someone had to put the msg out, i did it this time.

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They just have to take the points out of Romanovs defense and add it to his attack, like maybe 82 points, add 100% damage to his rush and maybe 300 *burn for 3 turns.
Leon 74 out of HP and add it to attack, add 200% to his rush and if that so bad just take the attack buff. Then hell be a reliable decapitate focused toon.
I missed out on leon but I wouldn’t even be mad if they buffed him

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Only problem with Leon is his active skill which you didn’t mention.

Didnt even look. Make it 100% and its good


Leon Leon Leon. What a waste of hair spray.

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what about all the people who didnt buy leon? please think of them @JB.Scopely
you BETTER NOT buff him!

is this sarcasm?

No! you cant buff a league toon after they are out of the store

If they were to buff leon now they everyone who didn’t buy him would start screaming about it being unfair to them.

I didn’t buy him and I wouldn’t care. That’s how it goes somet it mes

Which is why scopely would want to hold a poll as to whether to temporarily make him available again in the league store for a slightly increased cost (and if you already have Leon, then you can’t buy a second)


That sounds like something Scopley would approve of

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Was that something they said?

So toons can only be nerfed, I guess?
Asking for a gullible friend.

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