Since Shane hasnt answered my request, here it is again


@kalishane Please create a calender for when each ascendable will be released. This way we can know when to have gator, gov, etc ready at t4 lv80. If you wish to add promo release dates, that would be good too. Please like/comment on this post if you agree


Yes, before you asked, I already dm’d her, no response. No response on another board either. I understand that she’s busy, but by doing this she, and many other people will save so much time by not having to sit through repetitive angry comments about release dates.


Dude, they don’t know rewards for tomorrows war, how do you expect them to know a release date for legacy 6*s?


It doesn’t need to be accurate, just perhaps an order of what characters are being released, and whatever month they are planned for. That really isn’t too much to ask


It is. All it takes is a wave of influenza and one or two key people to resign and the entire calendar can be completely changed.


The way this forum back lashes any time an event changes, there’s no way they will put out a calander for something like ascendables because it’s a much bigger chance of changing


Never mind everyone she responded. No can do


Just have the character t4 lvl 80 now? Why wait for a calendar and keep asking when you have plenty of time and lvlup tournaments and death mark trainers you could be using right now?


Cause I don’t have plenty of trainers? Or enough food for level ups. And I already have gov and gator maxed, which are the only ones I give a shit about


Then it doesn’t matter when the others will be released anyways because you can’t do anything about it. Just get there when you think you can


They could make a ruff estimate of what toons will be ascendable this month and not give an order this would allow us to have toons already lvled up and ready ahead of time