Since people are still dumping territories

I’m still seeing too many people taking territories and then not putting in teams.

I get it, they are trying to farm League points.

Here’s my solution: you dump a territory, your League points reset to zero.


Oh, so when people actually experience a glitch that dumps a terro, they should also lose their points? No thanks. Everyone would be reset then hahhaa


Right. If they made this a thing they should at least fix the bugs first.


I fully agree that they need to fix the crash glitches.

This is the 1st step.

If people were losing their league points due to the glitch it would motivate players to motivate Scopely to actually fix it.

minus 10000! unless u buy this offer for 100 bucks to allow you to get points from attacking in terrorities

For sure it is.
A good bad idea ^_~

I do suggest this as somebody who hasn’t yet spent any league points (saving from the 2nd wave) and also somebody who experiences energy wasting terry crashes probably to the tune of 10 a day.

I’ve plenty to lose but wouldn’t mind if I knew that the people who are doing it deliberately were 100% suffering this consequence.

It is obvious

I have to concede I’ve occasionally been tempted to take a “if you can’t beat 'em join 'em” attitude.

There are players in my region who are actively doing this in a trolling fashion.
And I respect that and can see the funny side.
Just irked because I’d rather spend less time on territories than more.

You’re gonna need to be more precise there dude.

Its far from obvious what you are saying ti obvious >_>

Oh let’s run with this.

Dump a territory, one of your best six stars turns into a walker.

Dump a territory, only 4 stars in all your premier pulls.

Dump a territory, you’ll only get matched with timeout teams in raids.

The 2nd and 3rd results occur anyways :joy: :man_shrugging:


Dump a territory your entire town resets to level 1
Dump a territory your player/account resets to level 1
Dump a territory the game force depots all your weapons

Dump a territory, your account gets lost, and you’ll have to spend weeks with Scopely support to try and get it back.

That’ll teach em

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Although I love that idea, above all others (including my own suggestion)
I do feel that given that its league points that causes this behavior it would be best if the solution was also in league points.

Reducing walkers in terrys wasnt a solution. I wanna see the ppl who asked about this if they are happy now.
Giving league points while killing zombies was perfect idea.
Everybody throw an idea without knowing if it can be done or not. Please ppl first think what you are asking. Then think if this will end with a good result and how this can be fair for all. If that can be coded, then tell us your suggestion. But dont ask for insane solutions.

Doesn’t that happen even if you don’t dump a territory?


Dump a territory and go to jail, dont cross the start case, dont get 20’s and have your house and kids/dog/cat/whale sold for a buck.

That’ll teach them to have respect for a buggy mode game !


I can think of plenty of game developers who could code most of the suggestions.
Scopely on the other hand…
I don’t feel like suggesting we make raids & roadmaps crash more, nor that we have more special offer pop-ups.

That said I don’t disagree with the general idea that things we suggest on this forum should factor in coding ability and/or monetizability.

Why not just have a holding team be selected before you go into a fight, that way if they leave a fight, that pre selected team gets automatically placed there


I agree that there are many good devs who can do most suggestions, and in a few days.
But in this case, i think the main problem in terrys for crashing is that your team is being kicked out.
If they cant even fix this bug how can they “test” your idea?
I mean the only change they can do is some numbers…coding, forget it.