Since no war this weekend

Maybe give us a ultra gear repeatable map this weekend!!


Yes and as a nice gesture cut the cost in half and keep it running the entire weekend.


It would be great but i can’t see it happening. Instead I expect a level Up, then another level Up, followed by another level up.


You mean like a triple lv up followed by triple, triple follow ups! (And no don’t ask me what that means or how it would work, going by Scope ‘logic’)
Tho to be fair long as they get things up and running fine for next war, but considering it disappeared for a fair while last year well… I do hope things go smoothly for both sides :smile:

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I would love a farmable gear map.


too bad. no gear map for you! Just more and more awesome level up events

It’s not a gear map but at least we get a parts map

I take both maps. :wink: