Since it got deleted


The possibly was edited in… gg

And i’ll prolly get banned :joy:

Don’t really want to do this since players quitting benefits me, but I feel like basic English is important.


People quitting benefits no one.

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wasn’t deleted. Just got unlisted from forum view

Less competition for me = Win

Thats stupid. End up like a dead region where you war 5 times all weekend youll wish these people didnt quit.

Ignorant to want people to quit those who financially keep this game running for your entertainment.


Its still here. Its hidden.

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Only for us :wink:
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I mean, I did say war is one of my least enjoyable events in the game.

It’s not really ignorance because having a preference is completely different from actually enforcing the preference. I hate war but I wouldn’t tell them to mess up war or to cancel war simply because I don’t like it.

Amen brother

Okay kiddo my fault. You must be a youngin.

It’s something that you and many don’t understand: Perspective. Once you’re smart enough to realize what really matters, you tend to ignore the stuff that doesn’t.

Don’t really know how being young matters. We all have different goals when it comes to different games. War started out fun for me, but it soon became an unenjoyable time sink for me. You may enjoy it, but I don’t really. So in regards to raid and level-up, less competition just means I have to spend less resources for the prize I want. I certainly didn’t enjoy having to put up 4.8Mil in a solo LU and fight for first when I could have gotten it for much less.

Yeah, you do have a point, but I remember Kalishane saying that the update will be pushed out today

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They said there was stability issues, so it might be postponed until next week. Once we see Faction Assault, it means the update went live.

She lied about that too? :open_mouth:

Just kidding. It’s not fun at all when new things get rushed in the game.

I actually wouldn’t mind if faction assault was rushed into the game as long as I’m able to hoard tickets.