Since CRW is coming


Chill with the OP towers scopely and dont have a tower that takes 2 energy to hit. Have a balance tower set up. Something like 30 attack, 30 defense and ap when attacking. Something that wont win you the war right away like the OP 100 attack tower


A say the original towers make a come back 30% att, def and hp


That would be a great balance for sure!


If not no 100% towers or trait 1s they are the most worthless of all it’s the days of the 6* no1 needs a leader tower for example


I think the 100% attack tower is amazing. It gives lower factions a chance to actually compete with the stronger ones. Makes things more interesting in my opinion.


Only if they get it. And that’s a big if.


Yeah but at least there’s a chance for them to compete.


In theory yes but I guarantee you that MOST of the time a top faction is gonna get the tower first over a “lower faction”


Honestly I don’t think so. Most top factions are super fast with towers. Maybe ok when two mid range factions are up against each other… but they would be able to compete with each other with or without OP towers


Shit factions who can’t apply effort and skill to the game shouldn’t be given a handicap just to be able to beat better factions. 100% tower is pure handicap.


Luck* (7 char)


Honestly, lower (casual) factions shouldnt want to compete with top factions. Duke it out with factions you can properly match, I think that’d be much more fun.


100 percent is a bit high. I have no problem with 50 percent. Getting towers is an important aspect of wars. It also helps negate the impact of these miserable mods.


There are some factions I know of who put the most effort in and still need those towers. Effort and skill have nothing to do with it.


Do we know for sure it is coming or just guessing?


You’ll get +1k% attack towers and be happy with it!


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