Simplify the Depot

Ok $copeLIE, you obviously want us ro pay for gear n thangs. You’ve made it painfully obvious. I’m sure some, if not many, have fallen for it. I know you don’t care about your customers but here’s a suggestion anyways.

Get rid of basic tokens, helper tokens, elite item tokens, league tokens (not season tokens), assault markers, gear markers and survival markers.

Only use supply markers. Give out more of them - war crate reward, league rewards/levelup milestones, helper rewards, 2star territories, survival road, faction assault and selling higher toons, gear and weapons.

The depot would consist of a gear depot, toon depot, trainer depot, weapons depot and supply depot. Toons would have just 1 available per week like it is currently. Everything else there is no limit, no cooldown period.

If Imhave 100k markers and want to spend them only on canteens, so be it. If I want to spend them all on Liliths, so be it.

You obviously don’t want to give us a gear event since we haven’t had a good one in months. The last RNG one doesn’t count as a good one.

This would help us a little as we’d have more control over what we get though we’d never have enough markers so you’d still be able to starve us.


TL;DR- revamp the depot

Not gonna happen as this would benefit the players instead of screwing them


“If it wont make a profit, no point of doing this.”


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