Simplest solution to skullgate

Entitled elitist… What a shocker

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It’s not just Euros who can’t watch videos. I’m in the US and I haven’t been able to watch a single video in what seems like months, and I try everyday and still nothing. Things that affect them are immediately corrected but when they affect us it’s like “eh whatever, we’re still making loot”

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they could just do average amount of skull tokens claimed per player in the hours between whenever it started and ended and reward those who claimed none during that time the average. everyone gets something at least.

Freeloaders? If only coiners like you played, you would get very bored.

Plat has coins in it you silly goose.

The nephson

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Que idiota,vai la Scopely deixa todos negativo e pode acabar logo com jogo ,porque 90 porcento do jogo pegou ,e maioria são os que investem dinheiro,quero ver de onde vcs vão tirar lucro

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