Simplest solution to skullgate

Here’s an idea. I get it might be difficult to roll it all back. So all scopely has to do is look at when the skull tokens spiked and how many coins were won and… wait for it…

Give those players a negative balance of coins. Make them work it off. No more coin spending until they’re back to where they would have been.

This is one of the problems with this game. Not enough punishment/penalising of these players. I mean they all knew it was doing something that wasn’t intended. So let them have their advantage but then let them feel the consequences of it.

Then delete any of those skull tokens not cashed in which weren’t, you know, earned, and put the wheel back to how it was so the rest of us can carry on playing as intended.

Simplest solution to skullgate

Si je suis ton raisonnement nous devons être des moutons totalement stupide…
Il me semble que personne n’a rien fait de mal…
Ils sont tout à fait su faire en sorte que tu ne puisses récupérer les pièces d’or obtenues en Ligue sur un seul serveur…
Donc il me semble que les développeurs ont fait preuve de inconscience…

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yes people will really buy a large coin pack at £95 to take them from -8k coins to 0



Or how about scipley gets a taste of their own medicine for a change and perhaps learns from this mistake and next time before launching an event they thoroughly test it.


I agree that Scopley deserve every impact this has on their business for their poor attitude to testing and quality control.

But I also don’t believe it is fair that a proportion of the playerbase are allowed to benefit massively, but others are not. If everyone had gained a roughly similar amount of coins, then what you said rings completely true.


Just hand out 10 skull tokens to all and put it back to normal. :flushed::flushed:

But I don’t see anything being done like many other “gates”


What about Euros who can’t watch vids for coins? ‘Lost’ over 5k coins


Meh, as a Euro who certainly does not spend much on this game, I don’t really care for wasting what little time I have to play the game watching some virus filled click bait.

It´s a fair compensation for so many of us who can´t watch vids for coins anymore…how about we just call this gate Justice?

This might shock you, but what about players who watch videos AND got coins from this fiasco? Or what about players who didn’t get coins from either?

Just because you consider it benefited your particular scenario, doesn’t mean you should defend it by calling it “justice”.


Not really justice, but if this is not allowed they should also close all secondary accounts because you can get coins from multiple regions through scavenger missions and daily missions

The subtle difference is that this takes a significantly greater effort to even get close to the same magnitude of reward, not the same as taking 60 seconds as this exploit/hack/loophole/trick/issue did.

No way, I happened to collect my mission skulls during this time. I know I’m not the only one.

LMAO @ negative balance. Thanks for the best laugh of the morning.


How about instead of Moaning be happy people got coins especially f2p and who can forget Euros without daily ads that was something to help all considering Americans and such still get daily ads


What about no?


Just add poetic in front of justice and it’s perfect.

“Poetic justice definition is - an outcome in which vice is punished and virtue rewarded usually in a manner peculiarly or ironically appropriate.”

Because this is payback for taking out coins from all leagues except for diamond. You reap what you sow scipley. You reap what you sow.


Very bad idea GTFO with that

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