Simple question to those crying on here

I’m now seeing people crying about toons and weapons being offered for $100. Wasn’t it not that long ago that everybody was saying they’d spend to get a toon rather than spend $500 or more to pull and not get anything good?


that was before they stole andreas from us… not paying thieves :muscle:


You’re upset because they fixed the issue you tried to exploit and call them the thieves? Nice.


This is still paying $100 for the chance of something good, not all those weapons are useful, in fact only the AD strong weapon is of any use at all, the rest can be crafted.

Reckon I could put a good guess in on which weapon you’re least likely to get.

This is STILL paying for an RNG chance at something useful with the odds stacked against you, literally nothing has changed.


You’ve got that the wrong way around to such a degree that it is truly unbelievable.

Scopely supplied us with a broken service, it’s not an exploit to use the game as it is provided.


Yet we all knew that wasn’t how it was meant to be provided.


Somehow I convinced myself that was a fast weapon! Now I kinda want it :stuck_out_tongue:

stop lying. noone knew how it was meant to be provided cause scopes was silent.

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Anytime a scopely defender comes in the thread gets derailed. What a surprise…

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No we didn’t, how can we possibly know when it’s coming from a company notoriously awkward with regard to giving out information that we have to rely on Russian hackers to keep us informed?

For all we knew they’d simply changed the format for what gear was needed, wouldn’t have been the first time. They fucked up, laying the blame at the feet of the player base for the latest in a long line of Scopely fuck ups is ridiculous.


You can actually go look at the survivor club spotlight right now and read how it takes “special gear” to level up your Andrea. It stated that since SC was announced. I’m not saying they didn’t fuck up.


And we were compensated for most of what we spent… first time scopely actually compensated for stuff. Do you receive compensation when you waste a can on territories cos the game kicks you out?

It’s a broken part of the game too


Never said they didn’t fuck up. Imo, if you take advantage of a fuckup then it’s exploiting. Not sure what else to call it. They didn’t “steal” anything from anyone though which was what my initial post was directed toward. Holding grudges isn’t healthy either.


You aren’t wrong, but you know that you’re skirting the point. It is RNG in that it’s 1 in 4 odds, but it’s a stash, so if you believe the green weapon is worth $200 or less, then it’s not really RNG because we know that we will get it.

My man here on forums a couple days ago spent $2500 for Holly and didn’t get her. That’s RNG. This has a roof.

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right now is right, noone knew before how it was supposed to be. so dont lie i was trying to exploit something… i hate liars Killiar-K…

Dude, we all knew EXACTLY what we were doing in trying to exploit their screwup. Why lie about it. I maxed her and I was mad when it went away, but I was mad because of all the other times I wasn’t able to take advantage of a Scopely gaff and it didn’t get reversed.

Don’t act like you didn’t know, bro. Be a man.


noone knew, not even jb.scopely… he wasnt saying sh…

We knew that we were taking advantage of it. We didn’t know they’d reset her.

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Still its paying decent amount of money for an “OLDER” toon even if they are still decent now.

i think the main point to be brought up with the whole crying about toons in the wheel as opposed to them being direct to buy is that youre getting the older toon not the new toons.

maybe as a one time xmas gesture Scopely should release a new promo (That’s just as important and OP as some of the promos released now) in the special offer as a one time amount. NOT as a coin toss, 5* version or 8250 coins

see how that works

I think in the long run of this games longevity they need to see if having

500 players offering £500
is better than 5000 players offering £100

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Yet that’s what you’ve become on this thread.