Simple Fixes to Save the Game


I’ve been a little hesitant to spend the time to get all this down as it does seem to fall on deaf ears. I will say that I am not a gamer. I’ve played several app-based games and I lose interest very quickly. But this game has always kept things interesting and as a first for me, I began to spend money on the game. Not a lot, under $50 a month, but having been doing this for over a year, plus 4 $100 coin buys, it’s a decent chunk of change. Quite simply, this is the best game I’ve ever played and I feel that it still is but it is also becoming very frustrating.

Scopely is a business and businesses need to make money. I get that. But if you don’t listen to your customer base, you lose customers and as a result, money. I work for a large company, the largest in its its industry. There was a time they were losing more customers than they were gaining. They researched why and implemented a plan to fix it. It’s still in progress but it’s still progress.

I read a lot of doomsday-type posts on the forums and a lot of good-bye posts before they’re removed. It’s obvious customers are unhappy, and from what I’ve seen, it won’t take major changes to fix things.

I will start with the introduction of 6-stars. Personally, I LOVE it. There are 2 issues though. One, lack of toons. We were given a list of about 12 toons that would be ascendable. One of those toons (Siddiq) was released shortly after the list was released. After that, nothing. For f2p and casual spenders, this is an issue that can affect the level up tourneys as we just don’t have the toons to level up. Plenty of ascendable toons have been released for the big spenders, but many of the big spenders are no longer spending. Why? Their premier 5-star toons are usually pretty easy to wipe out now, thanks to the 6-stars.

Resolution: Come up with a release plan that will make everyone happy and stick with it. It’s pretty easy. Week1 = Existing basic epic ie the remaining toons from the list you provided plus others like blue Governor, yellow Tyreese, Andrea, Clementine etc etc
Week 2 = Existing premier epics ie top tournament rewards and paid for toons such as Erin, Briana, etc
Week 3 = New premier recruit 5 STAR VERSION ONLY

I bold this as it is the 2nd big issue in regards to 6-stars. Like I said before, I understand you are in this to make money. But when you release an update, state that 6-stars will only be available via ascension and then within a couple months offer a chance to buy a 6-star, CUSTOMERS LOSE FAITH IN THE COMPANY.

I think a rotating release schedule could make all levels of players happy. I for one am currently sitting on enough medals to ascend 3 toons and enough fodder 5-stars to ascend 1.5 toons but don’t have any toons I want to ascend. I have Abraham, but I am just not a fan of his 6-star version. My problem should be the reverse. I have enough medals and fodder to ascend 1 toon right now and I just can’t decide which one.

If done right, I think these short and frequent tournaments can be a win-win for both players and Scopely. The problem right now is the milestones. The vast majority of players just cannot reach a 2 million mark for level ups over 3 days much less one. My current roster is maxed except for my new Dwight and unless I level up my fodder toons, I can barely participate (addressed above). However, when I was still leveling 3 of my 4 6-stars, I didn’t come close to the highest milestone. And had I not had 30 raid cans, I would not have been able to reach the 4200 final milestone in the current raid tournament.

Resolution 1 - Keep the very high milestones. There are players that can reach them, without cheating, albeit very rarely. Simply add more smaller milestones with current rewards. For example, 4200 raid points got us a hockey mask. Instead, give us a hockey mask at 2000, maybe a double holster at 2500, 2 masks at 3000 and 2 holsters at 4200.

Resolution 2 - Better, more precise themes for tournaments. Along with more milestones, the tournaments are for specific rewards. For example, one tourney all about ascension medals. Players like myself could skip it, or just use the free refills for low milestones and save our cans for the next one, which could be all about fodder ie Benedicts. I for one would be more likely to buy coins and/or offers for raid refills for things I need. There’s all kinds of options for themes - medals, fodder, 5-star tokens, 4-star weapon tokens, armory stuff tape/pks/spray paint/glue, special events ie Dwight and Turkey/Corn.

So changing milestones and streamlining rewards would allow players strategize which tournaments to hit hard IE SPEND and which ones to skip or just limp along to participate. That would require keeping up the Calendar, which for the most part Kalishane is doing a great job doing!

Special Events

With this Dwight event, I admit you almost lost me as a paying customer. The lack of raid tournaments saved it. For the length of the event, I assumed, as did many players, that Dwight - like Ezekiel, Tripp and the choose your side toons - would be pretty easy to get. I got his rifle. I got enough barbed wire. But because my roster was maxed out, I was essentially alienated by the last couple level up tournaments (addressed above). So going into the faction tournament yesterday, short over 200 vests with just 4 days left, I was getting frustrated. I had decided if I did not get Dwight, I was done giving you money. Thanks to my 30 refill cans, I got him.

So my point of this - crap or get off the pot. If a toon or item is meant to be a free gift, even with lots of roadmaps and grinding, make sure we know. Be clear. Complete A, B and C and X is yours. It’s one thing if we don’t put in the time. Several faction mates lost out on Zeke, Tripp and/or Dwight/Jesus because they just didn’t put in the time. That’s on them. But to get Dwight, it shouldn’t have taken ridiculous milestones to get him. Flash roadmaps would have been a better, fairer option. The turkey/corn event was pretty clearly a pay-to-get event - 5 days with a short roadmap that would not reward with enough items. Items needed for sale in shop and offers. That’s totally cool, as I’ve said, you need to make money. Again, I am lacking 6-stars. I’ve got a team full of Liliths and 2 Shirleys. If I had a 6-star needing a Lilith or an Ulysses, I would have gladly ponied up to make sure I got the extra turkeys.

But with this Dwight thing, being over a month long, players completing every roadmap, engaged in all the tournaments and not getting him? That’s a for sure way to anger your loyal customer base. No chances (at least not yet) to buy wire/vests and if it were to have ended with me being a few vests shy of getting him. It would have completely changed my whole attitude toward the game.

Daily Rewards & Roadmaps
I’ve been a player since almost day 1. Because I am not a gamer, I am sure it took me longer than average to figure out the intricacies of this game. I sat with one tier 3 5-star on my roster for the longest time. But I never plateaued. I improved til I could complete the ultra rare roadmap to max him out, along with all the 5-stars that followed. I could never beat or compete with the big players, but I never felt completely left behind.

With the release of 6-stars, my experience with newer players has shown me that they don’t have that luxury. 5-stars have definitely saturated the game but there are players who still can’t get their 5-stars to tier 4. A few have a goldmine of ascendable that they just can’t ascend. I know of a couple who quit and a couple who had to go to a weaker faction because they just couldn’t keep up.

I know players have asked for this but 1-star anything, basic rewards and helper rewards needs an overhaul. 2-star stuff should be bottom. 3-star characters should only be found in basic rewards. They served their purpose in a 5-star game but have no real place in a 6-star game.

Resolution - 2 and 3-star toons should be for leveling up only. Simplify them. One 2-star for each of the personas, and one 3-star. Almost everything I get from basic rewards I sell. If I am leveling up a rebel, I’ll keep rebel 2-stars. That’s about it. Add more trainers and even rare 4-star toon drops.

Resolution 2 - New Player starter kit. I know new players get a couple toons off the bat. Come up with a basic starter team with core comic characters. You could even create a few to pick from. All 4-stars, one of each trait. 6-stars may look less intimidating for new players with a decent starting hand.

Resolution 3 - Get rid of Helper Rewards. If a faction mate uses our defense leader, give us 100 Elite Item tokens. So every 20 uses, we get a pull.

Daily Roadmaps also need updating. Shirts and gloves are the only reason I do most of them. The end rewards are hardly worth it. On Wednesdays, I don’t even bother with wood, I only have one material post with the maximum wood storage units at level 20 and I’m still constantly full. Roadmaps need a 3rd, harder level with higher rewards.

And I will echo the screams of the forums for elite and ultra rare gear more frequently.

I can’t speak for everyone. I have no plans of quitting. I have no issues helping Scopely make a profit as long as my return seems fair. I will spend for war cans and repair coins during war, if milestone rewards are good and reasonable. I will spend on survival road refills if completion and rank rewards are good. I will spend for raid refills if milestone rewards are good and reasonable. I will spend for world energy refills on high-cost gear roadmaps if I have toons that are not maxed that need gear. I will spend on world energy refills to farm for survivors for level-ups if milestone rewards are good and reasonable and I have toons that are not maxed that need leveling.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


They had the 6* release cadence perfect in the beginning, NEW promo weekends and old toons midweek.


waste of time to write this text. SCopely dont read the forum and/or they dont take our suggestions serious


How about if they just stop being so INSANELY greedy and putting up events that are only possible for a few percent of the community and only if you spend huge amounts of resources (as well as time)?

Scopely, you are very close to finishing off this game with your rampant greed.


lol they won’t listen.

For weeks we have pitched feedback of too many level up’s and insanely high milestones. Shanes response in lack of better words
"Expect more of them. We want to make it less about having to wait for them and more of a way for you to get what you’re looking for. Change is comin’"
Community response:

Shane releases a thread asking for feedback on the new 6* Erika. Majority of the feedback is that she is too overpowered and to tweak the AR. Shane’s response in lack of better words:
"Expect her to be released tomorrow!!"
Community response:


This. I believe we will be doing this.
And when / if we do – I will be making that calendar! And you will know what event you’re aiming to participate in for what rewards.

Thanks for all the feedback!


Feedbacks falling on deaf ears OP, but well stated.


A rather long add on here: (the most recent survey got me thinking about a few things, so here they are)
Faction Assault: Explain scoring somewhere, or better yet. do away with the ability for one player to score massive points off 5 hits, far and above the rest of the faction hitting 18 times (we figured it was a combo of his great roster+getting a couple lucky strikes, do away with those lucky strikes+fairer scoring)
FA tickets: This was asked elsewhere, but tickets for event milestones and rewards for placing would be great.
Assault markers: Make this the ONLY reward for doing FA (except the item drops for hitting during FA are cool). Let me explain, you guys have taken the RNG prizing to a whole new low here. An RNG crate, regardless of how well someone did during the FA is a swift kick in the ass, because we know we are most likely to get the “worst” rewards, yes, there are a lucky few out there, but can we just go with straight up assault markers so we can purchase what we want. Yes, someone does better during the FA, so they get more, but our 1-3rd place people got the worst stuff…not cool, especially when they put a ton of money and time into their rosters and weapons to have earned that 1-3 (well except the one guy who got a couple lucky hits, but he still spent a lot of time and money on his roster).
Slightly decrease the prices for items in the FA supply depot or…Decrease the cool down period for going again. 5 days to wait to do tier 5 again? What’s the reasoning behind this? If we have the tickets, maybe a 24 hour cool down, just like our toons. Add more items to ALL depots, stuff we want (I’ll get into this more).
Decrease RNGs: They are fine for premier recruits (although I would argue that with 6* toons, 3s have no business being there), Premier arms, prestige, 4 & 5, 4* weapons and elite tokens. I know these are one of your money makers and it’s not likely to change all that much, although if 3s are deleted from them, you may actually get people to spend more there, who knows :wink:
Take Elite item tokens, Helper rewards, and basic rewards and convert them into one type of currency to be used in museum collections, a depot or even a stash. This allows the player more choice as they can then spend that new “currency” as they choose. Put everything in there from shirts and gloves, all the way up to 5
trainers and make the “cost” commensurate with the items. (50 points = shirts or gloves, 5000 points = 5* trainer, etc) Anything and everything could be put here, from the above mentioned items, to food crates (not RNG, specific amounts!), energy cans (yes war cans too!), etc. This may decrease some of the clutter in the game with things being scattered all over the place in different wheels, depots, museum, etc One central shop as it were.
Events: The milestones for individual rewards was greatly increased, however the points for each objective (15K faction points for leveling up 160 alert toons) was not, oversight? As stated above, add more lower level individual achievements to make these events more realistic, achievable and yes, even able to monetize.
There was another post out there, sorry I don’t have the link, but they requested a choose your reward, I really liked that idea, ty whoever you are!
Increase camp size, but not just that, the area increased needs to be used to build what the player chooses, I dare say there isn’t anyone level 115 who needs wood from their camp at this point. We get a ridiculous amount from SR (swap wood and food amounts there please), raiding, scav missions, selling stuff…does anyone above level say 50 need that much wood? (hehehe) Anywhooo…Can we get crafting of stuff we do need (more food, more weapons parts, build a weapon from scratch, even a training camp that will only train for 4 & 5s since they are all fodder for 6s anyway? A trading post so we can trade with faction mates, or even other region mates…
Scavenger Missions: I gotta ask, what exactly is the point of having a long list of unavailable scavenger missions that can have a wait time of up to 30 days? A week maybe, with the ability to coin start any of them, but a month, for one I will abort anyway? Makes no sense whatsoever, just taking up space that could be better used for absolutely anything else. Add new scavenger missions that apply to the higher level players, there are a couple, 1 weapon part :confused:, a pittance of food, a few 5* tokens, how about a bit of a revamp there to emulate the changes in the rest of the game without killing the xp missions, I’m betting those are the most used at this point.
Daily missions and achievements: Anything new would be great!!! Also useful items for completion. Remember the days when we got war cans for completing an achievement!?! Yeah…like that :grin:
The museum: All those collections just sitting there collecting dust cuz none of the things needed can be obtained anywhere. I know they’ve brought some back, but there are still quite a few… A collect all option (corn anyone?) bleh, self explanatory…
I imagine, as a business, you guys are always working on that balance between player satisfaction and profit, you are right? The players are the investors.
Ok, Kudos here too, the new forum is pretty decent. There does seem to be more interaction from the brass. New content has a lot of potential if you guys find the balance between potential profit and player experience. Also, when putting new content out there, use that announcement thing to explain it, in some detail, or at least link to a full scale explanation here. We have beta (although not everyone gets to actually test stuff out due to faction limitations there), there’s a wee bit of info here, but things like scoring, mechanics, potential down times, etc would be rather useful.
BETA ISSUES: EVERY SINGLE TIME new content goes live after beta, it causes massive upsets in the live game of the player who has beta, just compensate them, seriously…is it really that much of a stretch for a player to be given an energy can if their game is broken for a couple hours due to something on your end? And again, with faction limitations in beta (no active factions have openings) even if there is a coin reward for content there, it’s not likely many players actually get it.
Anyway, that’s my $02 to add…keep em rolling. Some say they don’t listen, but I’ve seen a ton of suggestions here become implemented in time, just takes time to code that crap :smiley:


They don’t listen.

Most of us are reasonable to understand change takes time. If it takes them a year plus to fix one small issue (you got lucky) it’ll be a decade plus before the majority of issues are resolved to keep players around.

It’s not that they can’t, its that they won’t.

And equally reasonable is the thought that you can’t make everybody happy. I get that. But when an overwhelming majority feel a certain way, that’s when u got to step back and consider the bigger picture.

The writings on the wall. This game died a long time ago.