Similar Teams are Making me Sad


I know many have complained - I just noticed this faction raid. After first or second attack I just hit auto. THe teams are all the same.

I have one question - Is this still a Game?

Make it clear. Ask not what the game will do for you - but what you can do for the game. I have been working hard for months and see the same teams. - We need more 6* now. Not tomorrow - now!!


scopely don´t care that … unfortunately !!

this have been discussed for long time and while scopely doesn´t release those 6* ascendable from old 5* toon, this will continue the same …
moreever … many player have stopped wasting coin in pull new toons ( because it doesn´t worth ), so, we are limited to use almost the same everyone…


This is true. Only a few toons sought after. Evasion govie, Erika, Alpha, and maybe Wyatt. But seeing how wyatt is in gold nuggets event many must not have pulled


Change is coming. I believe!


Yep. For the P2P. Lol


And the f2p. :slight_smile: