Silver quills in lvl up?

@GR.Scopely I thought silver quills will be rewards in lvl up tournaments?

But the faction lvl up has no quills as rewards?

Maybe just solo level up…

@Stam Level Up tournaments (beginning on 12/15) will have Quills and other event items in milestones but not rank rewards.



Okay thank you! :slight_smile:

And still no choice boxes on lvl events​:thinking::thinking:

FUCK YES! Dont bullshit me GR. If you guys do this that’ll be nice. Where will they be?
Bronze, silver, gold are at 800k 1.1mil.

Scopely finally listening. (silver quills are for the letters) ■■■■■■■ thank you.

So only paid thing is golden quills.
(If your not me, a forum mod. Please STOP ■■■■■■■ EDITING MY POSTS!)

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