Silver mods from a gold box?


My level up rewards just came in and I got 2 silver mods from the gold boxes.


Yeah they weren’t actually gold boxes.


3 *** silver mods in gold mod box… what is this?


I clicked on them and it showed you could get either silver or gold.


This is BS tho


All of them where silver for me and we were first


There’s been like 4 threads on this about gold boxes giving out silver this is no surprise


No argument there. Really should have at least switched the color of the boxes.


I think its a graphical glitch, silver boxes showing as gold.


A graphical glitch that managed to remain on the reward screen for nearly 3 days? Or was done intentionally to mislead the players? Hmmm


False advertisement at its finest.


Same here smh


Great job @ the team !!

Is this gonna be the new normal @JB.Scopely ?


I think they need to pay their coders more as to prevent BS like this. It is totally false advertisement.


I too received rewards for 1st place and 5 out of 5 were silver???


Yep, my faction placed second…all silvers.


Every week has its own mistake/gate now …
Says a lot on how this game is handled :man_facepalming:t2:


it said 33% gold, 66% silver. i and 2 other fac mates got 5 silver!


Nothing is broken.

Its just rigged to get you buy stuffs and spend some more.


call it what you want… the % odds claimed are not real!