Silver medals ? Will they be available

Anyone have any idea when they will be put back into rewards, the daily crates ain’t enough

They literally have a weekly map dedicated to this. What is going on with the forums today the crap people are asking for is crazy today

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Have you played the weekly map, going off that alone your looking at least a month to get 250k

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Sounds like you might be ascending toons that are not worth ascending


If I wanted a sarcastic remark I’d pm scopely direct

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Just curious, how many legendary medals do you have?

And here I am sitting on more than a million.


Must be nice lol

I don’t mind people asking for things they need in-game as all of us will always be short something while others have a ton of it. Trades would surely help here but we all know that will never happen.

The only problem I have with people mentioning what they are short in is to me it just makes the problems with the in-game economy even worse because basically if scoples sees a ton of people are in need of something they just make it that much more impossible to grind it for free and instead just spam us with 42 crappy deals for it with each one even more insanely overpriced.

Hell no, it ain’t. Have no 3⭐s or 4⭐s to ascend. Have a bunch of 5⭐s to ascend but never have enough legendary medals.

Not OP, but I have 4.4k gold medals, enough for 14 ascends, but only 1.29M silver ones, enough for 5. They’ve been handing out lots of gold ones recently (eg levelup rank rewards), silver ones are much more rare.


No sarcasm intended I would bet if you showed me your roster I could point to 5 toons minimum that you probably shouldn’t have ascended. Its a common mistake players make.


Unfortunately, I’m a regular Top 50-11.

I usually dont worry about silver metals. Since Im a f2p (I dont buy anymore) I just buy all ascendables in the league store. Except I ascend from important to least important.
So I first ascended Jiafeng. Next up will be Ajax. (Jiafeng, S class raulito and ajax or MAYBE. AND I SAY. MAYBE S CLASS FROST is my dream team)
S class raulito lead, Pete, Ajax, Jiafeng, Christa.

My current team rn is
Raulito lead, Pete, Christa, Princess, and 15th anniversary rick

Raulito is good for this.
He does his ar. Rick can double it to 3K.
Christa and raulito are damagers. Princess is a taunter/penalty punisher same as rick. You attack rick you get a chance of getting confused. Attack princess you get a chance of 600n bleed. Biggest problem is. Princess and rick are my most targetted toons. (They’re both squishy if not modded and weapon modded rightly) Raulito is too (But as of s class. I dont put weapon mods on s class recruits. Its a waste of resources. It’s unlimited but it’s not unlimited to where I can buy a bunch.

With the exception of a few 6stars (commands, Doc, Raven, etc) there is no point in ascending toons unless they can become Stoons


Do you actually have a worthwhile char every month that needs ascending?

Also, you can buy medals in the depot.

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Wouldn’t mind them giving us a choice box when ever we sell a toon, instead of just the normal sd points they could add sd, silver and gold tokens in varying amounts in the box

How many six stars have you made? I have a lot and still have almost 3.4 million silver medals.