Silver Medals vs Gold Medals which do you need more?

Can we please get a trade in system in the mesuem to where we can convert 300 gold medals to 250k silver and vice versa.

Players need SILVER MEDALS as much as the gold medals which you are giving us gold in bulk and no silver.

People’s rosters are overloaded (1500/1100)and cannot be condensed down without letting us get rid of toons by feeding to other toons, selling, or ascending.

Can we please get a silver medal variable map or some silver medals to go with all the gold ones.

Thanks in advance.


This x1000. These Michonne roadmaps give more than enough legendary medals. I stopped ascending because I’m afraid one day I’m going to get a game changing toon and wont have the medals. Need ascendance medals badly. Here is my ratio

6m silver 3k gold. dunno how I got so many silver

sounds like a good idea

5 million silver/2k gold

7million silver / 5.8k gold.

Gold for 10 ascendances
Silver for 3 :disappointed_relieved:

before this happens we would need to get a “mesuem” first.

We should be able to sacrifice our characters we don’t use anymore for the medals and gear back. Maybe like a 50 percent trade off.


I’ve like an option to just trade those characters in for another draw for a character that you don’t have (or even another random draw as long as it wouldn’t be the same character). I have so many characters with half a dozen or a dozen copies and so many that I have never drawn. It would be nice to have a chance to at least “collect them all”.

I don’t need silver medals, gold are the problem to me

Actually I just checked my numbers, I don’t need any kind of medals, I need good toons I really want to ascend I’ll pay double the amount if scopely puts me in the right bucket *wink *wink

need none what so ever

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